Flagship product of tim Sabat

Bot which handles conversations with customers

Advantages of having a bot

Lower costs

Having a bot translates into lower personnel costs. The bot replaces the hotline.

Less mistakes

Bot will always give the correct answer because there are no coded bad ones.


The bot costs you once. Then the cost of each subsequent user is ~ zero.


Bot outside the economic dimension is a magnet for customers thanks to its innovation.

How it works?

The bot is based on an engine constructed basing on Node.js. Enough of technical jargon. Speaking in simple language:

The customer writes to your fanpage on Facebook. The bot menu appears, which you can use or write your message.
First step
Your fanpage
The server on which the bot is located receives a user message or information on what he chose from the menu. It processes data and matches the encoded response.
Second step
Your server
The customer receives a return message sent by the bot which processed everything on the server. This way, the customer can ask about everything.
Third step
Customer's messenger

Example bot - Utim bot

Such a bot has m.i.n. TiM insurance. All you need to do is login to Facebook and you can test it. To start a conversation click “Send message” to the UTiM fanpage and then “Begin”.

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