E-commerce is a reality

We create responsive online stores – customers can shop from phone, tablet and computer.

Worthy of the 21st century

We create responsive e-stores that work properly on phones, tablets and computers. You decide in what style your store will be and you have the option to choose its color, although it usually reflects the one present in the logo.




Our online stores are based mainly on the WordPress + WooCommerce platform – they offer the highest stability and ease of editing. Of course, we can create an e-store based on a different platform for you.

Virtual cart


When designing an e-store, we pay attention to the fact that there is has to be enough CTA (call to action) in it. Those are incentives for the customer to make a choice and immediately purchase.



Our stores, just like the websites we design and create, are fast. This is important especially from the customer’s perspective.

Easy usage and responsiveness

The store is designed so that employees can easily handle it. The service is intuitive, and the customer, regardless of the device used, can easily choose products and quickly go to the basket.

Quick realization

Creating and implementing an e-store with the same parameters can take a year or a month – depending on the skills and experience of the selected supplier. With us, this is definitely the shorter time.

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