Dedicated systems and integrations

We know that every business is unique. Large companies need unconventional applications with non-standard functions. That is why we offer dedicated applications – tailored to the needs of your company.

Our offer

Dedicated systems

We create dedicated systems that meet the needs of your company. You define the functions and modules needed.


In addition to dedicated systems, we deal with the creation of reports based on databases and systems.


If your company has several systems and you want to speed up its work – we will happily conduct the synchronization of current systems and databases.

Examples of usage


The transport department has to deliver goods from point A to point B. The logistics department gives him the path and priority of deliveries. The whole process requires a communication system.

Reports and control

It is not possible for one person to control two hundred employees. The system in which employees log their working time will definitely make your work easier.


The risk of having several databases can be effectively reduced by integrating systems, which we offer you and your company.

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