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I’m a guy from Poland, Europe who was (and still is) working in extremely different branches, and with extremely different people. I’ve been working in real estate, constructions, IT and management, with people varying from simple folks, to millionaire landlords. I’ve seen a whole spectrum of society, of types of people, of their behavior. I’ve been living on two continents, in Poland, United States and Portugal, what gave me a chance to write a great story about life.

Mainly, I want to show you a different point of view, which is hidden from common people. That everyone has unique wisdom to share with you, and that you can see world from more than one perspective. About relativeness. That nothing is for granted – especially your job and people around, and that we have yet lots of things to discover. Simply saying – help you to make your life Golden. To give you the shortcut to a better life, and pass everything I know in great articles.

Even if you have an amazing life, you can still get to the next level. 

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