Maybe instead of doing stupid things you will do something useful?

Don’t do bullshit which doesn’t give any profit, don’t be a fool and don’t believe in things that doesn’t exist. You have a life to live. Do something useful.

Be useful

Quick story short, I was on a wedding, so the alcohol kind of changed my state of mind. Changed it to such state, that instead of wondering about the sense of life as usual, I thought that it would be really nice to do things that are really useful. Things that have some kind of purpose. Things that bring you life profit. Because motivation and determination to do something is not enough to have a good life. In the final result it doesn’t matter, if you had ten or ten thousand projects which were not working. Or not finished. What am I into?

Maybe there is a point in all those conclusions of wise people, that our lives are not a constant pursuit but they are a journey. They are a masterpiece which has to be consumed at certain moment.

At this moment.

Quit everything that doesn’t work. Get rid of stupid projects. Do useful things

Get rid of things that don’t work as well as you planned. If something was supposed to work correctly in three months and it doesn’t want to work well in half a year – get rid of it. Don’t pull projects which demand your time, and don’t put rubbish in your schedule to complete things only because you have a sentiment. Majority of things you were doing for a long time could be cut in half. I bet you’ve wasted a lot of time doing bullshit you were hoping to work out. But it didn’t.

You can either live a successful life or a life where you are successful only in your mind. You see, reason why I write this blog is not intercontinental need of being known nor need of fame. I have to write it because it unlocks me emotionally. It gives me esoteric feeling which I really need. And still, I don’t like the whole blogging industry.

Because it doesn’t make sense to live in your world when you have ours

What’s the point of living in your own world when you have ours, and what’s the point of doing something only to prove yourself you are successful when no one enjoys it? I get that the artists create for themselves but also they create for the publicity. Did you see a theatre where no one came for the play? What’s the point of the play then? There is no point of it. It doesn’t make sense to pretend that you are someone when you are no one. When no one wants to look at your work.

Don’t make your schedule full only to keep it full. Rather focus on things that will change your life when you do them, because those are shaping your life. Get rid of everything which works only to impress other people and doesn’t give any profit. In the final outcome we will be judged on what we have done, not what we wanted to do.

Motivation isn’t enough

You see, in current age of wholesale motivation you can get motivated everywhere. On every corner there is a motivational quote, coach or even seminar. But getting motivated to do “something” instead of getting motivated to change something is a huge mistake. Because you can dig a hole for five hours with a shovel and have great motivation, or don’t give a damn about it and do it in three minutes with a excavator.

Just be the winner.