workout without air conditioning

Why it’ better to make a workout with air-condition off?

Just do what you have to do. But do it in such manner, that it will give you more than just travel from point a to point b. Make it like a workout with air-condition off.

Sense of life. Wondering again?

Wondering about the sense of life I’ve came to an interesting conclusion. That if you are making everything by the shortest easiest way – it doesn’t give you an opportunity to learn new things. Why?

When you are doing something for the first time – you can choose the attitude where you go to the goal by the shortest possible way, or you are going to succeed but also make the effect look beautiful. It requires you to do more than in the direct attitude. What it means is that working out in a Miami heat will make you harder than working out in an air-conditioned gym. Because you need to push harder and overload your body to make the workout.

The tougher task you take, the harder you will become

It’s not a hard thing to sell something on a fresh market. But it’s hell of work to close a skyscraper rental deal. Those things are the same – you just find a customer and sell it. But that’s the theory. Because the second one will teach you way many new things than the first one. It will make you hella tougher. When you retire – you could say that you were selling something for a whole life. However, after the skyscraper rental business you will be a terminator, not a plain old guy.

It’s not hard to have a decent career, decent car and decent salary. What it requires these days is determination and some motivation. But it gives hell lotta work to buy a Bentley and a Mansion. And now, I would like you to see the difference between stupid work and smart work.

Stupid working vs smart working. It’s like workout

Stupid working is making a mule out of yourself, working two shifts in a work that can be done by everyone, while you make average money. Smart working is a type of working where you use your brain more than hands and fruits of your work have greater range than standard work. Owner of a coffee shop who doesn’t have an employee for 20 years works stupid. Because he could hire someone and open a next point. Smart owner hires people immediately when the opportunity comes and opens new coffee shop. Unless the guy is an enthusiast and has to sell it by himself – it’s smart to go forward.

If you have a brain then you can leverage your effects. Instead of working like a mule, it would be nice for you to hire people and focus on making your scale bigger. But what does it mean for the workout without air conditioning?

If you are smart enough to work smart[…]

Then you should be also smart enough to choose a way which will make you develop instead of just achieving your goal. You see, it’s nothing special to achieve a goal, by going from point a to point b and learning nothing along the way. But if you choose the second option, you will learn more, people will see that you’ve did more and your effect will be more beautiful. Like effects of a workout made without air conditioning. When your body sweats more, the effects are better.