perfect decision

You will never be enough wise to make a perfect decision

How much information do you need to make a perfect decision? How much time you need to make a choice? I don’t need much. And you?

Make decisions on your own. Even not the perfect ones

Few months ago, I was on a lecture at my University where professor was talking about making decisions. Skipping the whole theory around the matter, he said that we are making decisions under certain risk. That we rarely can possess such information which give us 100% chances of making the perfect decision. What does it mean for you and your everyday life?

That you cannot be always right. It’s virtually impossible to make the right decision every time you make it. You cannot possess every information available in certain topic, no matter how hard you try. That sitting and thinking about certain topic won’t get you further than a point when you faced the problem. What does it mean for you?

You will never be prepared enough to have a 100% certainty in tough situations. You ought to take the risk.

Those who never lose are those who never win

You know, in movies some heroes are winning all the time. They are born great and from the first second they are winning everything. It’s beautiful but it doesn’t work this way. Those who are masters at something are those who failed many times – but you usually don’t see that. Society is not proud of how many times you’ve failed but how many times you’ve succeeded. That’s why it’s easier to find a winner in Google than loser. If you develop this kind of attitude that you will never lose – you won’t even try to do certain things. You see, sometimes failing at something is the only way to learn it. No one can explain to you how to swim such way, that you will swim from the first second in water. That’s the kind of skill you have to develop alone. There will be some water in your nose, there will be few moments of fail – but those are meant to lead you to win.

Don’t hesitate to make choices, otherwise the choice will make you

Another thing is that either you are deciding about something, or someone else will do it. Some things like your career are not going to wait for you – it’s a zero-one situation. Either you are making the decision or life will make it for you. Life usually makes poor decisions – from your point of view. Such cannot be called a perfect decision.

Best example is any business. Either the owner is active and pursues customers – or the customers are going to buy from the other guy. How long you are going to wait to make first move?

Blind self-confidence turns out to be useful. Perfect decision?

When a man faces decision he has to make, it’s better to make any decision than to wait for the life to do it. That’s why people with built-in self-confidence are more effective than those without. Because they won’t hesitate to make the choice. They don’t need any wise articles about self-confidence or motivation. Their inner self is an invulnerable system of making choices.

And you? Do you need to be one hundred percent sure to make a choice?