build a network or a good team

Build a network or you will be no one

In times where everyone has access to information, those who don’t have any connections cannot shine. The road is virtually closed. How to build a network?

It’s not connected only with friends. You need people around

Basically and practically you need people around to perform any bigger action. To make a business, to make money and to find a wife. Because alone and on your own you can put your socks on. And that’s it. Some people perceive themselves as predators who can survive alone. Yes, they are able to survive. But what’s the point of surviving when you can live?

What I have learned over time is that I need people around. I need connections. I need people who are able to help me and push my ideas forward. Not cheap audience only to watch. I need worthy people around. That I was in need to build a network.

Meet as many people as you can

It doesn’t matter when and why. Just meet. Build a network which will be strong enough to handle your ideas. Meet new people at the university, coffee shop, at grocery store. Don’t stop talking with strangers, get opinions from them – learn from their way of living. From the outside it could look like a way of life of a desperate guy. But what it really is, is a smart way of living. Way which builds you a ton of people around who are eager to provide you information you need and usually help to push your projects forward.

Those who have stronger character can underestimate the power of people any rely only on their own. Of course, it’s possible to live only in your own where you do everything but it won’t unlock your full potential. Potential which could be huge.

Alone, you are not effective. Build a network

Living alone, without any partners and connections you are relying only on your own. Everything you could do with help of others is limited. You cannot be great at marketing, design, economy and IT at one time – you just can’t be an expert in everything. That is why potentially dumb people are becoming billionaires while they don’t know a lot. They may don’t know a lot from a technical point of view but they know right people. So, they don’t need to know everything. People in business are using this level to achieve more – and in a shorter time. It doesn’t make sense to become a master in something when you can use help of other people to get to your goal. Remember, in the whole game it doesn’t matter how good you were but what score you’ve got. Got it?

If you want to be a wolf, then get yourself a team

Some bloggers use wolfs as an example of perfectly lone warrior, as a symbol of being alone and self-sufficient. They say that only sheeps live in herds. What is bullshit! Because wolfs have they own packs and they hunt only in team. Wolfs live as a team, wolfs are a team. Power of a wolf is not only in his strength but also in other wolfs. That’s the big mistake of motivational people they make. If you want to be a wolf, then get yourself a team.

And remember about a loyalty. Because a weak team which doesn’t work will only flip your life upside down and waste your time.