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If you know how to run, then don’t walk

If you know how to think, then don’t work like mule. Seems legit? I hope so. Below you will find an answer why not to walk when you can run.

If you have something special, use it to be special

From time to time I wonder why some people instead of doing something they are good at are doing absolutely useless stuff. Like people who have great talents work in places where nothing is required. I’ve always believed that everyone is special and everyone has his or her own talent, so I automatically assumed that everyone will do what he is best at. But it doesn’t work this way. More and more I see people who are for example with an artistic soul but they work in a coffee shop. Why? Because it’s their second hobby or they don’t have a better choice?

I believe that you have two ways to live your life. First one is to do what you are good at and second is just to survive – to be scared of everything new and do as little as you can.

If you have a superpower – don’t be ashamed to use it

Fact that everyone is dumb in a room is not a good argument to pretend an idiot. If you are good at doing something – don’t let the environment make you change your mind. It doesn’t matter how plain it sounds – I see that there are people walking on this planet who are afraid to show what they really can. That they are afraid of being odd, different or even better. And while majority of us would like to be better than others – some are afraid to show that.

For example: I have an ability to learn fast. Very fast. I read text faster than majority of people I know. Maybe it’s a talent, maybe it’s a skill. Nevertheless – I’m faster. It annoys some people – my girl doesn’t like when I scroll pages too fast on my iPhone. But it makes me more efficient.

Would it mean that I have to do something slower because everyone does it?


First – you, then everyone else

Instead of focusing on satisfying other people first – satisfy your ambitions first. Liars will tell you that’s it’s egoism. It’s bullshit. Because no one will ever respect you if you make a piece of sh*t from your ambitions and serve everyone around. First you have to make yourself happy, then you can make others happy. Remember, there is a rule when you help people in road accidents – first you make yourself safe, then you make others safe.

I don’t want to teach you any sort of egoism. But I want to tell you how important it is to have your own goal in life and to respect yourself. Because the only case when you can put others before you, is when you are a missionary.

Concentrate on your goals. Run, pursuit them

Focus on what you have to do right now. Focus on things you have to do for yourself. Do it the way that you do it the best – don’t compare yourself. Then you will be able to run when everyone is walking. And that’s a thing which will get you before the competition.

I know it’s sometimes strange to do something in a different manner than everyone. But remember that maybe you are a next Einstein. Maybe your ‘odd’ way is a better way.