too many people crowd

When too many people want to do the same thing

Do you know what is a competition? Sure you know. Do you know what happens when there is too big competition? No one is making money. No one where there are too many people.

When too many people start to make the same thing

So, let’s imagine an imagined marketplace. Where everyone is doing the same thing. And you have two times more of sellers than buyers. Ok, great. It’s not an imagined marketplace. It’s a social media marketplace. You know what annoys me? SEO. Social Media. Bloggers.

I have a certificate from a SEO school. I have a certificate from a Social Media Advertising school. And a have a blog. And I still hate those three. Because right nown everyone is somehow using social media. Everyone is trying to be seen around. Right now almost half of people I see on Instagram have “marketing” or “promotion” in their bio. What the fuck is wrong with them. The competition is enormous.

I mean, what’s the point of creating another problem?

I wonder: what you have to have in your mind to enter a market where everyone is doing the same, and there are way too many competitors? What kind of hope you have to have to believe you will make even I penny? I don’t get that. I don’t like hope too much – it’s harmful. But I like determination, confidence. But not blind hope. It leaves you only unsatisfied. By “inventing” a business who thousand people already do – you will certainly get into trouble. And furthermore – if you are even going to try to do it with their methods – you will fail.

I also mean: when something is too easy, then someone will complicate it. I hate websites loaded with SEO. Because instead of valuable content you have to read:

  • intro! author will talk about himself for three minutes,
  • after-intro – tips how to use the information from the article,
  • uses – where you can use information from the article,
  • content (5% of the article),
  • thanks and a request to comment.

Actually, only 5% of the article is about your question. Only this is what you get. Rest is meant to make you visit the website. Screw such SEO.

Too much comments, too little information

Try to Google “How to make your Instagram account famous”. I bet that the first thing which will show up will be something like “How to become Instagram famous in three easy steps”. Wow, three steps and I’ll buy myself a Bugatti. No, you won’t. Because it’s hard work and hell a lot of fight with the algorithms. If it would be so easy, then everyone would drive a Bugatti or Maybach. But still, majority uses public transport. Next thing, all those articles contain too much commentary and too little information. Try to Google “How to increase drag of an aircraft’s wing”. Do you think that there will be an intro stating that everyone would like to have a better drag? Do you think that there would be something about determination? I doubt it.

There will be only plain knowledge and tips how to really achieve something. This is what differs shitty information from real information – amount of real content. So, when too many people try to do easy things, they have to find another way to sell obvious things. This is how simple activities become “How to be a great gardener in three easy steps and use your mower to pick up women”. What the fuck?