create something from nothing

How to create something from nothing?

Let’s analyze three situations: an empty mind, a need to design something and a situation without any exit. Let’s learn what are the options to solve things without any solution. How to create something from nothing. Everything below.

You cannot get water out of a stone. Or maybe you can?

First situation is a state of mind when you can achieve absolutely nothing – emptiness of creativity. And even if you would do anything – you can’t move forward because your mind doesn’t want to do so. How to get out of it? Change something. Change place. Drink coffee. Jump into a cold pool. Just do something to get your mind out of emptiness and everything will follow. Remember that you cannot find anything new if you are continuing to still sit in the same place. At some point ideas which you can make on a couch end. There is a point which set’s you a limit of ideas you can get by forcing yourself.

Design concepts. You know that majority are copies?

Once my friend told me that the best things in IT and design are not made by hard earned work. They are made by composing few already existing solutions (getting inspiration from them), mixing them up and proposing them as your own solution – because in fact this mix is yours. It should show you that instead of reinventing the wheel it’s more economical to launch Google Search and look for similar project. Get inspired by them and make something better. Only in a situation where nothing similar exists you can wonder how to do something for nothing. Quite easy solution, isn’t it?

Situations without an exit, in fact have an exit. Those are nothing

Just look from the other perspective. Imagine yourself as a scene director and change the actor. What doesn’t work with one method, maybe will work with another one. Because fixing yourself only for one solution which is unavailable will only ruin your mind and determination. There is no way to finish the project before deadline? So, cut the project in few places. Is that enough to be a different method?

What you will imagine will become your reality. It sounds dumb when a motivational guy say’s that. But it becomes your reality when you think certain way. You see, fixing yourself on a “THERE IS NO SOLUTION, HELP” mindset will certainly give you no solution. Not because you don’t believe in anything different. But because thinking about the lack of solution will consume your time you could spend on actually finding the solution. You get it?

Don’t place obstacles in your way. Others do it better

Don’t push yourself in situations without an exit. And don’t think that there is no solution because there always is. You already know that telling people “don’t do something” has the opposite effect? If you didn’t then you know already. So instead of thinking that there is no solution – shake the situation around. It will give you something in shape of solution. Or at least new thoughts how to solve it.

What are your thoughts? What do you do in such situations? Please comment below.