Be good at something

Do what you are good at, it’s the correct way

Wondering what to do with your life? Definitely don’t try to be someone who you are not. Why? There is a better, correct way. Do what you are good at. Everything below

Are you smart? Great!

Now stop thinking too much. Because you can do harm to yourself even if you don’t want to do so. Do you know what makes simple people happier? That they don’t look for another way. They know what they are good at and they do it. There is no space for useless wondering – they represent pure work. Now us – well educated, young and brave “elite” – we try to find our way. We were born in times which make us think how great we are. It makes us try things we were never meant to do. Like an engineer trying to work as a construction worker. It’s amazing, it’s brave and it takes great determination but someone who has talent to draw bridges has his place in this life. And he certainly won’t find it elsewhere.

Bravery and determination can turn against you

I’ve never assumed that I’m weak either emotionally or psychologically. It made me often invulnerable to verbal attacks and very determined at achieving things. But somewhere along the road I stated to assume that I’m so great that no matter what I will do – I will be great at it. It was fun when I made complete apartment makeover only with my hands. It was great when we landed in Miami without a place to sleep. But it became a problem when I started to think that I’m capable of handling every type of work with joy. Of course, it’s amazing to work in many places in your life! But it’s not a correct type of attitude when you choose your life path.

Ask yourself. Use questions often

Ask yourself:

  • What do you like to do?
  • What brings you joy and excitement?
  • What makes you fulfilled?
  • What you can do for a whole day?

Only then you can find a happy path, which will take you far. Only then you will do things which will make you happy. I wrote before about making right choices in life. And dialogue with yourself is a next step to a better life.

You know, when I was in high school I used to look at other people in category of lame/dame basing on things they like. I thought that people who like business and money are winners and you have to stick to them. But fortunately, I understood that at wrong type of attitude.

Happy people don’t need material things around. Be good at something

I believe that those who are really happy and feel fulfilled in life are those who have a healthy spirit and good emotional aura. Not those who try to prove that they are an elephant only to prove something. And that’s the point when I strongly advise you to do things at which you are good at. Like:

You like to draw. So, you become an artist.

You love tennis. So, you become a tennis player.

And you love closing deals. So, you become a businessman. Not a business journalist. Because love with business doesn’t mean that you love writing. Do things at which you are good at. Got it?

Have a good one,