This guy is not lazy

Instead of being a lazy potato, do something new

Nobody likes lazy people but everyone would like to judge others and sit on his ass whole day. That’s the reality of our lives that we would other people to do a lot when we do just a little. Unfortunately, it cannot be like that right now.

You know that there is a difference between coaches and reality?

Probably majority of us doesn’t see the difference between what coaches say and what reality shows. We are way too often said that “you have to think big”, “you have to stay strong”, “you have to be great”. Yes, it’s amazing but it’s empty. No one will ever ask you in the final outcome what you have thought of yourself but what you did. Frankly, no one gives a damn what you think of yourself – it’s your own, personal image of yourself. Honestly, in business no one will be impressed by your “big” thinking, because they want to see the effect. If you are able to prove that you thought big and achieved big – only then you are great. Everyone can think, so it’s nothing special.

Don’t think too much. It hurts

I wrote about this topic there, there and there. Thinking too much hurts, especially when you think whole day instead of doing your job. You see, we – people have tendency to think that we are unique. We think that we have discovered something interesting but people don’t understand us and don’t appreciate it. You know, I can tell you one thing from my perspective: periodically I follow over seven thousand people on Instagram, mainly from the motivational branch. And you know what? There is absolutely no uniqueness. Ten people are able to post same thing at one moment. All of them think that they’ve found America for the first time. But it’s only reinvention of the wheel. There were thousands of people, if not millions. However, they probably wonder why no one wants to follow them (“but it’s amazing content!”).

They thought too much of themselves instead of really working.

Move your butt, you have legs not without reason

Your legs were meant to serve especially for you. They give you the ability to do something in your life or to go where you haven’t been before. Why would you waste this opportunity and sit on a couch? I don’t get that. But! There is even a more harmful syndrome, which we can call “demands without actions”. It’s performed by people who think too much of themselves, sit on their butts and want whole world to serve them. I will tell you honestly, that such syndrome catches me when I’m sitting too long without any work. Because how long could you do nothing? How long you can be lazy?

Go, do something new. Don’t be lazy

Just don’t. Don’t think about things you’ve done, don’t things about things which you could do. Stand up, put on your shoes and start living your life. Do something new. Just do. Because being a lazy being doesn’t make any sense. And even if it doesn’t impress you, because you could spend whole life in front of Netflix – you still have to eat something.

Stay strong.