Guy With A Relaxed Mind

Did you know that relaxed mind thinks different?

All of us heard about the concept of thinking outside the box. Few heard that there is no need to think outside the box when you can get rid of the box. What about all of it thinks a relaxed mind and a backed off attitude?

Theoretically, with enough motivation you can achieve a lot

Theoretically you could. There is also a picture about it:

Stress Levels
Stress Levels, source:

Our bodies work well when we have moderate level of stress/motivation. However, they stop to work so well when we are overthinking and overloading ourselves. That’s the moment when you should learn that relaxed mind is way more effective than a stressed one, and even health aspects of the whole thing support the relaxed attitude.

There are days in our life when something doesn’t go as it should. You try to do something and you hit a wall once. You are not a weak guy so you try again. Wall again. Again, and a wall again. How many times you can hit a wall in your life? I think that a tough guy can stand 20 rejections without any problem. But after that, it gets tougher.

When you get really deep in crap, relax and enjoy the scenery

One of the worst things about being in a swamp is that the more you panic, the bigger problem you have. Same applies in life and with your mind. The more noise you make about your problems, the more you focus on them – the more they drain you. No one is perfect and even I sometimes surrender to my mind, but the key to success is to realize that you have a problem and get rid of it asap.


  • your bank account is getting close to zero;
  • number of people around you is decreasing;
  • you were fired.

It’s tough to maintain a frame and steady point of view when your world is collapsing. But this is that moment when you need psychological balance the most. Learn how to distance from your problems. Learn how to solve them step by step – there is a lot of books about this topic – for example in your local bookstore (yes, they still exist).

Throw everything stressing away turn relaxed mind on

Go to the seaside if you have any near. Go running to the forest. Maybe go out and have a beer. Just do something that will get you away from problems for a while. You need this time to restart your mind and look at everything from different point of view. Or – you can just plainly surrender to your nerves and lose game called life.

You know, there is nothing special in maintaining a cold blood in a peaceful life, but it takes great courage to stay sharp when everything around is collapsing. Good soldier’s trait is a brave, steady heart. Pussy’s panic when they need their self-control the most. If you want to get through life like a winner, then be a good soldier. Don’t be the other option. Use advantages of a relaxed mind.