Leave Comfort Zone

Do leaving comfort zone by force is a solution?

Are all those folks from motivational webpages are right? Do leaving comfort zone is really so good for you? Or maybe there are special methods to do it?

First was wish

Today I have a wish to write about a topic of leaving comfort zone by force. Here is why:

Every time I did something I hate, I convinced myself it’s because of my comfort zone, because of my fears and overall will to not push forward. I got the idea and concept of leaving comfort zone, so I assumed that I have to force myself to do new things, to try new experiences. It’s really easy on the beginning – you have even a basic list of things you would like to do but you are scared to do so, so you know what to do next. For first one, two or maybe even three years it’s quite task to leave comfort zone but then it gets tougher. Then challenges which you can place in front yourself include jumping with a parachute, bungee or running for president. Or:

assuming that things you hate are outside your comfort zone.

When your will to develop turns against you

I think in 2015 year I decided that I will do one new thing every day. Quite good idea, isn’t it? On the beginning it was really easy. Cooking steak, going for a run with my dog – I became somehow better man and I learned a lot of new things. But then the list of potentially new things ended. Everything what was easy and possible to do – was done. So, I decided to go on work&travel program to United States. I worked and travelled for four months in a completely different environment, with absolutely new people. It was one big challenge and it taught me a lot. But then I got back to Europe, went to an Erasmus program and went back to home country. And I asked myself – what next?

Every option to somehow develop and do new things was already used. But I still had to do something. So, I started to try things I hate. And it turned against me. I fell into a vicious circle of doing new, extremely boring and annoying things. And I thought that the obstacle is in my mind. In fact, it wasn’t an obstacle. I simply hated to do certain things.

Don’t force yourself, don’t be an idiot. Don’t leave comfort zone by force

Personally, I advise you to never ever force yourself to do things you hate and to do things you never wanted to do. Of course – do things of which you are afraid of doing, do things that make you feel somehow different than yesterday. But don’t force yourself to write a program in C++ programming language if you hate computers. Those are our preferences and we shouldn’t omit them when making decisions. There is absolutely no point in looking for a blonde girlfriend when you hate blondes but you want to prove yourself that you can stand such relationship. Don’t force yourself.

Final solution is that leaving comfort zone is useful but leaving it by force is harmful. Stay strong.