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Three things you should never think in business

Three things you should keep in mind when doing business. Three things you should control when you deal with other people in business. Check out below how you can improve yourself and your life.

#1 Never assume that you are the best

Because you are not. At least unless you prove it. Major mistake which I did when doing any kind of business was that I assumed that I’m the best and I don’t have to learn anything. WRONG. You have to learn a lot when you try to make a business, especially your first business. You could think that you are the wisest and you know what to do – but you don’t. Business is not about the main idea and not everything will “somehow” go forward. Way too many people around here are trying to do business, dumb and very intelligent. You are not the one and you have to learn. Business is about all those small things, about experience and knowledge of things you can’t learn from the internet. Once Herman Hesse said:

“Wisdom which a wise man tries to pass on to someone always sounds like a foolishness.”

~ Hermann Hesse, Siddartha

That’s why you can’t learn everything from the internet, and that’s also why you need experience and evidence to say you are great.

#2 Never assume that other people are idiots in a competitive market

Because they are not. If you plan to conquer a highly competitive market and you don’t have any experience, then the biggest mistake you could make is to assume that other people are idiots and you can easily wipe them out. While it’s truth in a part, remember that there are people wiser than you in this world, also on such markets. They will wipe you out before you even try to bite your part. Not everyone is an idiot and you can’t get rid of everyone in your way. At least don’t try without experience.

Some people seem not intelligent at first sight but remember that everyone has to eat. It gives people great determination to work. This kind of determination will wipe you out if you are even a little lazy. Even being intelligent won’t help you.

#3 Never underestimate power of organizations in business

If you are quite intelligent then you probably have IQ over 130-140. It’s quite good for a single being. But keep in mind that ten guys with an IQ of 110 give 1100 multiplied. What is the value of IQ of 140 then?

Of course, it doesn’t work this way that two dumb people are as intelligent as a one good one. But it should show you that ten people will almost always be more effective than one wise guy – especially in business. You see, having ideas, being good at something is important. But you cannot compete alone with a big corporation of 10 thousand people. They have over 19998 more hands to work than you. You get the point?

Bonus #4 Don’t use same method to get different result

Young entrepreneurs don’t get the point, and they don’t see that they are nothing compared to big companies. They try to conquer their [corporations] markets with the same methods and it’s simply impossible. It would be like a battle between one guy and ten thousand people using swords. Guy is going to lose unless he gets a tank – and this is how you can compete with them – by being innovative and new. And the only way to compete with them is to have something they don’t. Only way is through being new, fresh and innovative. And this is a place where you can shine.