possibilities are a gift

All possibilities are a gift, not a constraint

What do you have what other people don’t? What differs you from other people? Everything you can do is a miracle so appreciate it and don’t waste it. Some can’t even afford smallest possibilities.

Everything you can is a gift. Appreciate it

All possibilities you have right now in your hand are a gift, not something you should hate or question. All of us have doubt at some point in life about things we are doing. About things that come to us by itself and wait to be used. And we reject them. Why?

When I was 13 I thought that school is the most shitty place to sit in the world. I thought that there is nothing worse than it and I’m wasting my life there. But without it I wouldn’t write article right now, because my orthography would suck a lot.

Things we potentially hate are things we need a lot

Few months backward I thought that writing all those articles is a pain in the ass. On the beginning, when I saw statistics lying on the floor I thought that I write for no one. I decided to end it. And then – after two days, I realized that I lack something in life. That all those articles were not meant only to be read by other people but it’s kind of a valve for me after a whole day. It gives me an opportunity to express my thoughts and unload my mind emotionally. Potentially useless thing but makes my life a lot better. Then I realized that something what was a pain in the ass – writing all those articles – is in fact a miracle. Not everyone has the ability and possibility to make a one-page article in 15 minutes. I just sit down and write it. I don’t need a special ritual to do it, and it’s what makes it great.

All things around could be a lesson or a sign for you

Understand one basic thing – everything what you have right now can be used in a manner which will give you your dream. Things you have around yourself can be turned into whatever effect you want – and even an empty jar and a full fridge could be a base to multi million business. How? I’ve read an article in an airlines newspaper about a 17year old guy who did a multimillion business out of marmalade. Impossible?

Every single opportunity you have around yourself killed by your laziness – is a sin. Some people on this world like living almost as slaves for horrible money, and you would say that you don’t have energy?

Possibilities you have are a miracle. Use them

There is no other way to call a guy with a soccer talent who doesn’t train because of laziness, than an i***t. Guess middle letters, I can’t insult people in the internet. Some people don’t have legs and dream about it, while some prefer to waste their time. Maybe you have a talent to sing. Maybe you have a talent to do business. Certainly you ought to use this talent, instead of playing Counter Strike.

Appreciate what you have, see what surrounds you. Even the thing that you have an internet access is a luxury for some people. There always can be better, and there always can be worse. Point of view depends on where you sit – see small positive things that happen to you every day.

Use your possibilities.