guy looking for an answer, that greatness can kill your ambitions

Why your greatness can kill your ambitions?

Few or dozen articles before I wrote about a topic of ego and keeping it on the leash. However, it was an article about setting yourself a limit and not hurting other people. This one is about greatness of certain people, a thing which potentially can make you a king or a homeless. Kept in mind greatness can kill your ambitions.

Too much confidence will distort your reality

On my own example – which I like a lot – I see that big confidence has two sides of it. Positive side is that you will certainly break through any obstacle, and the negative is that you can fall into a vicious circle of praising your greatness. Effects of it? Sitting in the living room and looking out of the window. Potential solution? Meteorite falling through a window or lack of money. You won’t get out of it by yourself.

Because weaker ones don’t have such choice between working and sitting down with their greatness. When they work, they don’t wonder. They don’t think how great they are. And this is why they can kick you out of the competition. Because when you were thinking, they were working. Too big greatness can kill your ambitions.

Shut up and let everything go. Catch an idea and work it out

There is nothing more harmful than stagnation and lack of point in life. It doesn’t come to you by itself. Three years ago, I’ve found a motivational video called Dream, which is very strong, very emotional – and includes an important point about need to keep pushing forward. It showed me that it’s not important to have a comfy, quiet life but to have a point in it. Because there is absolutely no point in rubbing your couch with your ass. It simply doesn’t make sense.

I believe in ideas. I wrote about it here. For me – guy who has ideas is a master of life. Because no matter in how hard situation he approaches – he will always get out of it.

One thing will never die in me – my will

I wish you also the same. Because it doesn’t matter how hard something will hit you in life, you’ll be still pushing forward and still doing your thing. However, this strong will is also something that sometimes pulls me backwards. There are days when I want so many things that I can’t focus on one thing and end up doing nothing. Or the will to achieve is so big, that I instead of doing I start to wonder without any sense. That is the moment when my greatness and feeling of being so good pulls me in the wrong direction. And this is what differs such people as me from those who have only one option in life to choose. Sometimes I get jealous because of it because they don’t have to think too much about their future.

Turn all your power into something productive. False greatness can kill your ambitions

Use your inner power to do something productive. Do what you have to do from your task-list, empty it. Do what you were supposed to do two days earlier. Just move your ass and do something productive. It will pay in the future. Because you cannot spend your whole life sitting near the window and looking outside. Or, maybe could you? Too big amount of psychological greatness can kill your ambitions.