Woman In A Jungle trying to survive

Who is meant to survive, will survive

Law old as a world – precisely saying natures law – who is meant to survive, will survive. There is no need to dig deeper into this topic. Learn about those who were meant to be great.

Some people are born to be great and some not

I have made a conclusion five minutes before writing this article while reading an article about how birds come to this world. It was some sort of a tutorial for people who breed birds professionally, and the guy was advising not to help young birds while they hatch out. Why? Because if the bird is correctly build and healthy, it will handle it by itself. Guy said that those birds who are weaker won’t manage to hatch out and there is no point in helping them, because they are useless in a poultry farm. He said that it’s a law of nature that those who are meant to survive – will survive. Quite cruel thing but made me make a point about something.

I realized that some of us will be great and some of us will suck in life. Those who are going to be great could be even crushed by a big rock and still manage to push forward.

If you are really great, you will stand a meteorite falling on you

I believe that if someone is really great in terms of his mind, intelligence and of course as a human being, he can stand even toughest shit in his life. That many factors can try to bring him to his or her knees, and this certain human being will be able not only to handle it but also to get rid of the problem. Because being great cannot be learned, ability to solve problems cannot be bought and great character cannot be stolen. Why am I saying this?

Because I saw few people who accidentally earned big money, praised it because of the skills they never had, then came a tragedy or problem and they never recovered. They lost considerable amounts of cash and their whole fake greatness collapsed like a wooden house during Katrina hurricane.

Even a heavy meteorite

I love all those success stories where someone by accident made few millions and bought a yacht. Yep, it’s called luck and it’s very important in life. But I would like to see a story of a guy who had something and it was taken from him. If someone can stand losing all his wealth and manages to get it back – he is a real fucking hero. Because it doesn’t take any courage or greatness to take something by accident. But it takes great psychological resistance to accept a tough situation and get out of it.

I bet it’s a good thing to have a private jet and three helicopters but I think that constant worry about losing it can ruin you. Because when you get something by accident and not for being a great guy, then you won’t take it back when you lose it. And it makes a difference. Because with being intelligent and great you could be only born. Even genetic engineering won’t help you.

It’s something you are born with that you can survive

As I said before, it’s something in your mind and in you that makes you great. I think that even reading my blog is a sign that you are great, because you choose valuable content instead of playing fruit ninja. You are born with such an ability to distinguish wasting time from things bringing you value. I also think it’s a trait that only few possess. That they can rebuild psychologically after major hits in their “me”. That anything happens they still have power to push forward and realize their plans. I wish you such determination.