Looking For Something. Have you found yourself already?

Have you found yourself already?

After looking for the answer for ages I finally feel that I’ve found my fucking way in life. That I don’t need any guidance, help or advice to know where I should go. No tutorials with a title of “10 steps to a found yourself you”. yourself”. I feel like on a road which belongs to me.

Everyone has his own problem with eyes. Have you found yourself?

I think that we are born with an ability not to see things that are in the front of us. We try to look around the object, from the left, from the right – maybe from above. We try so hard not so see such things, that at one point we lose balance, hit the floor with the head and realize that something was wrong for a long time. I can say that I have done that. I can say: Tim, you’ve found yourself.

In recent article here I wrote about my desire not to fight every day with my life and to enjoy what I have. It took me a long time (over 30% of my life) to learn that I don’t want to do any fucking business and I do not want to take care of a company every day. Did I say already that I like to own but I don’t like to care about? Right, you can pay for that.

You can convince yourself of everything. It’s dangerous

One of the most harmful things I’ve did in my life was to convince myself that everything what makes me vomit is an obstacle I have to overcome. Right! You have to get rid of obstacles in your way but there is a difference between an obstacle in life and climbing a vertical, 300 feet high wall. So, I assumed that everything I don’t like to do is an obstacle, I’m lazy – and I have to get over it. Somewhere along the road I forgot that people have right to don’t like certain things.

And as I don’t like eating spinach, for you it can be an excellence of the world. As much as I like lifting weights, for you it can be a last thing you want to do. And it doesn’t matter that I’m weak because I don’t like spinach and you are a pussy because you don’t like gym. Maybe you were born with a bicep in a size of a head so you don’t need workout. People can choose what they like and what they don’t.

It’s called freedom. Or a free will.

So, when you convince yourself, then you will fight yourself

When you are constantly talking about one topic (for example money) you can subconsciously connect it to an absolutely unassociated thing – like, you can become a doctor because you need money. Even when you hate helping people. You see, what you believe is what you become. I visualized myself as an owner of a company who has people under himself and takes great cash from it. But somewhere along the way I lost the point and thought that I want to be a businessman. But I never wanted to be so!

I just wanted to be an owner and have such things. Not to take care of them every day.

So, the question for today is: have you found yourself already or you are still pretending to be someone else?