Happy Guy who doesn't dig deeper into problems

Don’t be a fool and don’t dig deeper into problems

It doesn’t make any sense to dig deeper into problems when you find even a small problem in a hole you are digging. It won’t bring you any profit from doing that. Just know when to stop digging and don’t be a fool.

If something doesn’t make sense in the first sight – stop it

There is absolutely no sense in having a job which doesn’t give you money and there is absolutely no point in making a business which doesn’t give you money. On my own example, right now I have a business idea which doesn’t seem to work. Problem doesn’t lie in the concept of it or unavailability of customers but rather the problem is in too big competition on the market. You see, when they start to talk about your business idea in tabloids, then you can certainly expect that the market is full and you shouldn’t try to enter it. But it doesn’t seem so obvious when your self-esteem is huge. Like in my case.

I have a tendency to think too much of my capabilities – which often makes me win majority of situation, plain self-confidence works, however sometimes I also accidentally overestimate chances to do something. Like to sell something in a too competitive market.

Determination is important, not stubbornness

It’s obvious that being determined is important – we all know that, we all get the importance of it. But by being too determined – stubborn – you will only get deeper in the shit that you are into now. You see, some time ago when I was sitting in United States, I promised myself not to do business in Poland, because the market here is almost everywhere taken and the profits are low. At some point in life I forgot that I promised it to myself and now I have the effects of it. With a great product and a good price – I struggle (or maybe struggled?) to sell it in my country. Because almost everyone decided to do this kind of business!

It’s interesting that in Poland everyone is trying to take his piece of cake and everyone is somehow a businessman. So, everything you can expect are low profits and a great competition.

Leave things cold turkey. Don’t dig deeper into problems

I can name myself a master of quitting things cold turkey, I even wrote an article about it here. It’s an amazing ability to know when to stop doing something. I think that the moment came after one month when I saw that it gives poor profit. Also, I have a thought that nowadays big money lies in IT and new technologies, not in doing work with your own hands and struggling. It’s important to solve problems and have ability to think analytically but it doesn’t make any sense to hit a wall with your head every day for a funny money. Really. Don’t dig deeper into problems.

Throw the idea away if it doesn’t deliver any value – it doesn’t make any sense to participate in such thing.

I believe that our instinct is wiser than us

Doesn’t matter how often I tried to fool my instinct – it always won with me. From people who brought harm to me, through dangerous situations, to zero profit business ideas. My instinct was always right. And even in situation when it didn’t – it still was right. That’s why I see that it’s important to not dig a deeper into problems, when you have have even as little as one. And it’s important to leave harmful situations ASAP.