get rid of problem by getting rid of the cause

Get rid of the cause to get rid of the problem

It does matter how you take care of someone who day you’ve ruined but it’s a lot better to eliminate the cause than to clean the mess after. Today: get rid of the cause to be a happy man.

Do what others don’t. Look for solutions to the cause

While majority of people gets rid of the effects of problems, you should get rid of the cause first. Only then it makes sense to extinguish the fire.

Imagine a situation like this: your home is on fire and a gas pipe in the kitchen causes it to burn even more. What will you do first? Run with an extinguisher like an idiot or close the gas valve? Do you get the point? There is absolutely no sense in removing effects of a failure or a problem while you don’t have the cause solved.

First type: personal problems

Not everyone of us is perfect and not everyone will always succeed. However, there is a connotation between something wrong about you and your rate of failures. When you can’t pick up any girl, then maybe it makes more sense to think twice what you’ve fucked up and what causes it than to drink because of it? I think it’s wiser to look for the solutions in yourself than in the surrounding world. Because at majority of things, in fact and unfortunately – we suck. Not the environment.

You see, when I don’t have even slightest desire to write an article, I don’t try to write shorty article only to check a box. I ask myself WHY I don’t want to do it and solve the cause. Sometimes it’s because of lack of sleep – so I get a nap. Sometimes it’s because of stress – so I drink a Melissa tea. I try to fix the cause, because I know it’s a better option than to fight with my own.

Second type: business solutions

In one company we had an absolutely annoying and idiotic method of input our customers data. It was an excel who everyone filled as he wanted to. In effect we’ve got a database where you could find nothing. It was ridiculous that you could get any customer data from it. Instead of crying about the mess and trying to fix double bookings – we’ve managed to make a new database, to solve the cause. Then everything became clear and easy to read.

Because it doesn’t matter how you take care of angry customers but why they are angry. Buying everyone chocolates could be an answer but you’ll drained financially. It’s a lot cheaper to predict and eliminate the cause.

Ultimately, prevent such causes from affecting your life

In a perfect utopia you would predict that something will fail. It’s not always possible but still you can put greater effort to eliminate as much such things as you can to evade the future problems. However, it’s not everywhere possible, because you cannot always predict what will be the consequences of your decisions. Nevertheless, effort made on the beginning dramatically limits future problems.