Can you do a lot for money?

It’s cruel but people will do a lot for money

It’s not so obvious that what people say and what they do is connected. Some people say one thing and do absolutely another. Check out why people can do a lot for money.

One’s values break as glass when the cash comes

There is a sort of people who forget about all their values when cash appears on the table. It’s cruel to say but it’s not hard to buy some people. Between us live those who speak nicely but do not live by rules they spread around. I would call those hypocrites.

It’s not shocking nor it’s nothing new that people do more when you pay them. But it’s absolutely astonishing to see a guy changing his approach by 180 degrees only because he was promised cash.

I mean all those corrupted clowns and hyenas

I can’t stand hyenas who want money for their “kind” help. Help is not meant to be paid for. And any sort of favors is not meant to be bought. It’s astonishing for me that some sort of people won’t help you until you offer them something. I don’t know – if it’s absolutely normal for you, then probably you and your society have a problem. For me – it’s sick.

It’s also sick for me that anyone could suggest you to pay, so he helps you in private life. It’s not a business so hold on dear friends. It won’t work. It won’t work this way that you will do a lot for money, while you do nothing for free.

You wouldn’t imagine how many people slave for a salary

Or maybe you would. I have a feeling that way too many people are slaving for their salaries only because they have to eat something. I get the concept but it’s still sad that it occurs.

However, there is even more interesting phenomenon of people who do work their hate, with people who they never liked for money they don’t deserve. Who sacrifice their own dreams and values only to get more money. Is it still their or someone’s else life?

It’s sad but also a friend can kick you out because he can do a lot for money

Some people value money higher than relations. They can do a lot for money, while nothing for friends. It’s absolutely normal that it happens but it’s a pain in the ass when you get in touch with such people. Basic rule is that people who betrayed someone for cash or profits once – will do it twice. So, don’t be a moron and get rid of such people as soon as possible. Let others handle their problems.

And of course, never ever trust people who you know for a short time, who appeared in your life in times of prosperity. Such people disappear from your life faster than light when you get in trouble.

As always, I wish you power and never sell yourself nor values for cash. At least not cheap. There is not worse thing than to sell yourself and your values for a low price. It shows weakness of a man and lack of a will in his life. What is a value of a man if he is unable to hold on tight to his own values?