Catch the best ideas during the day

Best ideas are made on the fly during the day

Where to get ideas? How to make them come to you? It would seem an easy task to find your inspiration and ideas but the best ideas come to you by themselves.

Couch have never been a good idea generator

Let’s look closer at my favorite object in apartment – couch. I’ve said about it many words, I encouraged you to move from it many times. However, this time will be special. I will tell you why sitting in one place will never take you to different place.

So, you want to invent something, make something new – so you look for a way to find an idea. Easiest (at least from mind’s point of view) method is to lie on the couch and way for the idea to come. From my own experience (and I have huge in this field) – staying in the couch or sofa for longer than 15 minutes won’t give you any answers.

Get rid of the forced will to find a idea

Get rid of the will to find a solution or idea by force. The more you think about it, the less you will invent. What I’ve realized recently is that best ideas come to you by themselves. They are waiting for us in different parts of the world, sometimes in the fridge but certainly not in our minds. Because you cannot make anything new from something you see every day (couch). You need new experiences to make new connections between facts in your mind.

Thinking is a powerful tool to solve problems when they come. Thinking is also a powerful tool to prepare methods to prevent the problems. But thinking too much is a terrible idea to find an idea. Here better works:

Action. Move your butt anywhere but far from home

Get rid of the thought that you need to solve unsolvable. Get rid of the thought that you need a new idea. Do something creative – go jogging. Hang out with friends. Eat a pizza with your girl. But don’t sit at home! Get rid of the thought that you have to sit, think and find an answer. You won’t.

Take action. Engage in things you like to do. Build a table to our garden. Write a poem. Go to the gym and harden your biceps – make something you like to do and what activates in you will to live. Only then best ideas come.

Go, get a life. Best ideas will come by themselves

Go, do what you have to do. Find an inspiration, fulfill your hobby. If you need an answer to any question, then do something different. Answer or best idea will come by itself to you. Just don’t force the answer. Otherwise you will end up wondering about the sense of life and with one thousand of absolutely useless conclusions.

It’s much better to call someone and hang out with him or her. Other people have this advantage over couch, that they actually can tell you something new and useful. Who knows, maybe this thing will be your next business? Maybe this information will make you meet love of your life?