Look For Your Ideas

How to make your ideas real?

You have few good ideas? Great. Now make them work out. It doesn’t matter if you want to change your life, open a business or lose thirty pounds. Nothing will happen until you actually materialize it.

First of all, act as fast as you can

When you get the idea of doing something, a new solution or new business ideas – work as fast as you can to make it real. Don’t hesitate to act and focus on the closest required step. Long time ago I’ve read a book about managing your time “Getting things done” where author praised the idea of focusing on the closest step in order to speed up the process of achieving.

Instead of thinking about the difficulties in future, do what you have to do now. I also wrote about that hereProcrastination will take you as far as nowhere. Because wondering without any sense doesn’t make any sense.

If you managed to think about it, then you can make it work

I speak directly about business ideas. If you are capable of thinking about it, making a simple plan of action and imagining yourself as a boss, owner or leader – then you can make it. It’s called being a visionary like Elon Musk. He works more than he wonders about his life. Main problem with all people who are starting any business, project or change in life is that they assume they could fail. In reality they don’t know. You know why?

Because they have never tried. Feeling they have about starting something new is not because they will fail. It’s because they haven’t experienced it never before. It’s like going first time into the pool. You don’t know what to expect. But you go, because you find it interesting.

Have courage to take care of your life

I also wrote about it here (what a surprise!), that in life you need to have something beyond intelligence and will to work. You need courage. It’s not very exhausting psychologically nor physically to have a standard, boring life. It’s really easy to achieve! But it takes great courage and amount of work to work out something special and interesting. You need courage to express your point of view and show people around what you want to do. Few will say it’s bullshit, few will make you compliments. But the most important thing is that you need to remember, that only your opinion matters here.

Find the first step to make the ideas real

Okay, you’ve imagined your own company, new body or new skill. You know what you want to achieve, now what?

Find the first, nearest step.

You want to learn how to ride snowboard? What you will do first?

Book a trip to the mountains. You see, problem which occurs with our minds is that you start to visualize what could go wrong while learning how to ride a snowboard. You could think you will make an idiot out of yourself, you could think you will break your ass. But all of those won’t happen until you actually go there!

Because the ideas will become true only if you take the first step. Nothing will happen while you sit on the couch.