there is a way to solve a problem

There is always a way to solve a problem

First of all, don’t panic. Distance yourself from your problem and look at it from different perspective. Only being calm and focused will show you a way to always solve a problem.

Don’t assume you can’t solve a problem

Never ever do it, because there is always a solution. I had to do it so many times that my ass was on fire and I had to do it, that I can call myself an expert. Expert of solving unsolvable problems. Even today I had to deliver my diploma work, which I made only two days before the deadline. I had six months to do it, I did it in three weeks. Possible? Possible.

Everything is in your mind, and those self-motivation guys are right that you can achieve what you want. You just have to hold on tight when the life roller coaster gets crazy. You can learn how to enjoy it.

Simple problems are boring, complicated ones are interesting

At some point in life you realize that solving easy things is boring and you need better sources of satisfaction. Such things are problems with short deadline. I don’t know why but such things excite me and wake me up from being bored in life. They make me feel alive. I’ve always been bulletproof to deadlines and I always managed to get it of trouble just before the crackdown. I owe it to ability to control emotions inside me. To suppress the nervousness and launch thinking again. Such ability allows me to solve a problem and gives me a chance to look at the world from distance. It’s very important in such situations. It allows me to separate bullshit from really important matters.

Assume that is a situation of you or them

When you get in trouble with a short deadline – don’t think too much. Turn your mind into a me or them mode and don’t thing anymore. Worrying, wondering – leave it to life pussies. You are not a one. With a warrior mindset you can achieve much more than with a pussylike point of view. Set your goal, find optimal solutions. Get rid of everything you don’t need to finish your project. Already done? Get rid of more.

Majority of people will tell you that some things cannot be done in shorter time. Really? Tell them that if you don’t get the payment (for example for your services), bank will take back your business. Isn’t it’s true? It is. Make them feel that there are also other people around. This is an ultra-effective method to execute things from people who force “invisible barriers” because they are lazy to do things, or don’t care about you.

Instead of thinking outside the box, get rid of the box

Instead of trying to find a new method in the same scheme, stop the madness. If one solution to your thing doesn’t work, try an absolutely different approach, different way. Your boss doesn’t want to give you more money? Don’t beg him. Show by work that he is paying too little for such great work. Doing same thing over and over again, while expecting different results is called madness. Some call it business but this is not a way to do it good. Business is about trying to get the same target but with different methods. Not same method to get different target.

Stay strong, stay sharp. Solve a problem faster than before.