Stay Yourself and be truly happy

Stay yourself, it’s a superpower

It takes balls to stay yourself and not change to someone who you’ve never been. Learn why it’s absolutely important to keep your character in place and love your personality.

Stay yourself and stay strong, because your inner power is in your character

Everyone has his own character and personal superpowers. Getting rid of your own character and pretending to be someone else will only bring you harm. On my own example, I’ve tried to be someone I’ve never been – perfectionist at work. I tried to master everything I’m doing and call “finished” only things that are in 100% perfect. I’ve ended up with a destroyed humor and lack of sense in life. Because my nature is not to make everything perfect. My nature is to make things great, not flattering.

I’ve also realized that you can pretend to be someone else to impress other people or to prove someone something – it’s ok for short time like few minutes. But trying to change your whole image and character to something what you’ve never been – is a mistake.

People don’t change, they only get old

Hoping that something in you will change by itself will bring you only disappointment. You have to accept who you are and why you are (and I’m not talking about accepting your too big belly and dirty hair right now but I speak about personality) and push forward. Many people on your way will try to tell you that you won’t achieve anything with this kind of attitude, many people will want you to change. If you do – you will become only copies of them. You won’t become anything original.

I thought that people change over time as they get older. What I see now is that people grow bigger beards, they skin gets thinner and their map of “I’ve been there” grew. That’s it. They all are the same people they were few years before.

Have balls to stay yourself

It takes great courage on the beginning to say someone to go “away” with his insults about your style of being. It takes great courage to defend your own point of view. But as soon you realize that you shouldn’t be something you don’t want to be – the better for you. Many people around me try to tell me that with my kind of attitude “everything or nothing” I won’t get far. Screw you all, have any of you tried it already? I believe that such attitude has to take me somewhere and I will watch the journey with excitement.

You see, all those words could sound like some self-help book. Sad truth is that not your friends are those who want to change you. Your work would like to change you, your customers maybe would like to change you. Of course, you can learn new things and explore new possibilities but getting rid of your natural flow will take you nowhere. Watch out for those who tell you to change only to get money. Those can steal your flow.

Stay yourself and keep your mind sharp.