always play fair with other people

Play fair with others, so they will be fair with you

Wondering why some people play fair and others don’t? Those who don’t play fair end they career pretty fast. Check why

Be gentle with others, so they will be gentle with you

There is no more harmful attitude than to demand from people something what you don’t deliver. Like being gentle with them. Respect towards them. Or simple being a human. People who try to demand from people while they do absolutely nothing do not annoy only me but also whole society. It’s very easy to turn into a heartless creature which only craves kindness and respect from others, while they deliver nothing, so remember about it.

Respect that other people also have their life

One of the most annoying things in business and work, is a boss or customer who thinks that your private life doesn’t exist and you are absolutely dedicated to him. It leads to exhaustion of employees, vaporization of their motivation and overall stress. It also makes you as a person responsible for customers feel really uncomfortable because on one hand you have enough but on the other hand you have to take care of them. It’s a lot easier to live when people respect others private time.

Don’t demand from people to do their tasks for 10 hours a day. Even if you are great at manipulations and have great interpersonal skills – don’t force people to do things they don’t want to do. Just let them live. They are also human beings.

Play fair, so others will be eager to still play with you

You can fool someone once, maybe twice. However regular fooling him and cheating will only make him upset and angry. People tend to quickly kick such people out of their environment, so when you are one, find a “one-sale is enough” type of business or change yourself.

Majority of people thinks that majority are idiots. If we all try to fuck everyone and cheat, we would build an absolutely sick society where you can trust no one. Never think that only you play unfair so others won’t. Where one starts, rest follows.

Be a guy with whom you would like to spend time

Behave towards others in same manner you would like be treated. You cannot be a dick and demand kindness from people, even with a Ferrari. Few will like you only because of Ferrari. Rest won’t talk with you after one meeting. The point is that you cannot treat other people different from how you treat yourself. They can be fooled one time, maybe few. But not for unlimited period of time.

Many people repeat this topic on motivational images again and again, and yet still many cannot understand the concept. I wish you will start to be a good guy to other people. I started to do so long ago and I see that it works. You cannot be a dick through your life and make other people happy. They are way to intelligent to not see that.

Stay sharp and stay fair