Stand Still and win

Even if the world is collapsing, stand still

Stand still like marines in line. Even when your current world is collapsing, family is leaving and credit cards are empty – hold on. Nothing except good things can come. Just stand still. Rewards will come later.

Stand still, paparazzi are coming

Long ago I’ve read an article about Kennedy that he was walking with his head high even in a thunderstorm. That he didn’t care about wind blowing straight in his face. I see that his attitude is also very very effective in life, that even in a situation of total drama, loss and defeat – you have to keep your head high. Maybe situation will change in next three seconds, so you have to be ready for the paparazzi’s.

Strong people differ from pussies not only because of their big biceps and deeper voice. Main difference is that strong people protect their balls when they hit the wall, instead of crying like a pussy. They don’t think too much if their next move is going to work out or no. They don’t have time and will to wonder about sense of their life, because they have mission to be completed.

You will be tested, remember

Life tested you before and life will do it again. You will be verified if you are capable of handling your problems or not. When you change something in your life, you have to adapt to the new situation and often face difficulties. Attitude you have towards those difficulties defines if you are a pussy or no. Major problem when you have difficulties is to overcome your fear and to stand still. Because it’s easy only in theory.

Life shows that not everyone and not even majority is strong enough to stand still when they life is shaking. They lack confidence and consequence in moments when they mostly need it. We feel strong when we sit on the couch but we get soft as a jelly when the problems touch US. What you need to be really great is determination. I wrote about it here.

How long you can by your vow defines how strong you are

It’s not hard to shout loud how hard you are when you sit on a couch. But it takes great courage to prove it. Even the strongest in means of IQ, experience and body get soft when problems attack them for longer time. It’s not a courage to promise something. It takes balls to make your promises. And even for yourself: there is no point in deciding to do something if you cannot stand difficulties. Easiest example: your own business.

Right now, I’m going through mixed feelings about my company. If it’s going to work out? Where are the customers? Can I already buy a Bentley? I’m absolutely certain that it will work out but such thoughts could destroy even the strongest guy from within. However, I know that the first stage of business it’s hell. Then it’s going only better. You just stop to feel the pain.