Get rid of the obstacles

Three reason why you have to destroy the obstacles

Welcome to another motivational day of my life. Today’s topic are obstacles. Things that cause you to stand in one place wondering what to do next, or things that seem too big to jump over, while in reality – they are bullshit. Yes, bullshit. Let’s learn why you ought to destroy obstacles in your life.

First of all: satisfaction

First of all, obstacles separate your current you from perfect you. Those are things you hate to do, things you are scared to do, or things which make you seem lazy when you think about them. But still you have to overcome those. First thing which you get by getting rid of your fears and illusive problems is satisfaction. Doing things you are good at is as satisfying, as walking one hundred meters at age of 20 – nothing special. However, getting over an obstacle in your life as fear is something what delivers great satisfaction. Even greater than winning one hundred dollars at jackpot.

Care less but don’t be careless

I strongly advise you to don’t give a fuck about majority of problems you face every day. 50% of them is other people’s bullshit, 40% is clear bullshit and only 10% can somehow affect your life. From this 10% you also have to take 5% for things you cannot change, so in the final effect you get 5% of something you should take care of. Quick mathematics – 20 times less problems than on the beginning.

I would never tell you to become careless. It’s very important to not give a damn, to care less and divide real problems from pseudo problems but some people approach life without any care. It’s harmful attitude, because while majority of crap which happens to you is bullshit, you have to take care of some things in life.

Second: it’s an intergalactic step forward

Getting rid of obstacles in your way is something beyond caring less and getting satisfaction from it. It’s something about moving forward. While masses of human beings repeat over and over about leaving your comfort zone, I say you have to grab your guts and fight with fears. Leaving your comfort zone sounds like going on a holiday without an air conditioning, while beating fears sounds like a real victory.

What you are afraid of? You certainly are of something. What it is? Why you didn’t beat this fear? What holds you?

Three: getting rid of the fears is equal to removal of obstacles

I’ve learned recently that our fears can be the source of problems. Fear of failing at something. Fear of showing weaker side of yourself. All of this is bullshit. What will happen to you if you fail to sell something? Stone will fall on you? World will end? Partner will leave you? None of those.

In fact, majority of obstacles in your life are fears. Fear of being seen as someone odd, someone unusual. But why do we perceive ourselves in such situations with a negative filter? Why couldn’t you see yourself as a pioneer and brave guy? You could and you can. Additionally, you should start to see it this way from today.