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Follow your own way in your own manner

Are you tired of people trying to tell you the best way to live? Me neither, because I don’t hear them. Learn how to follow your own way without listening to millions of advice.

My way, your way, our way. No way

What I see, is that majority of people would like to show majority how to follow their own way. I see that everyone has prepared their own plan for your life just in case you don’t have your own. And the more people around yourself you have, the more opinions you will get. At some point all those opinions start to fight with each other.

Some day, you will realize that you need your own way in life. I realized this thing few years ago but I had to learn how to handle that. I thought that I’m absolutely invincible and I can handle every problem. Of course, in psychological aspect – I can easily handle majority of crap which happens in life. However, without knowledge and experience it’s very exhausting.

First of all, I had to learn from stronger ones how to behave

I wrote about it here that blind faith in your own greatness will bring more harm than good. When I finished high school, I thought that this invincibility and big confidence will get me to the top. It helps, of course, but why to remove shit with your hands when you can use a shovel?

Same thing is with experience. You can handle every situation in business and life by believing it will work out but also you can shorten this process by two thirds, by learning from more experienced people. It means that learning how to pick up girls by yourself is a huge mistake, when you can learn from you friend who is a master at it.

We all have our way, and only we know how it looks like

Truth is that you have your own way which you have written already, or you will write shortly. Only you feel with your inner you what is suitable for you to achieve, have and do in this life. And no one ever will be more precise in describing it than you. It means that by deciding to open your own food truck, you get the responsibility of doing it good yourself. No one can tell you what to do with it and how to do this business. People can help you and guide you but no one should shape your vision. Unfortunately, sometimes it happens that some people do things they don’t want to do. Like work in a place they hate.

I honestly hate calling people to sell something. But I have to

I’ve always had a problem with calling other people and selling them something. I always preferred when people come to me and then I could present them my products. When I was a real estate agent, I had to find apartments in the internet and call the owners to offer them my services. I really hated this part of this work. It drained my life energy, it melted my mind and took all reasons to live away. So, I quit. Now, I can’t quit. Now I have my own company and I have to call people to offer them my services. One day, I will hire someone to help me with that. But not now. You see, I have a mixed feelings about the whole situation. On one hand, I crave freedom and own company, on the other side I have to feel the pain in my ass everyday. What solution I chose? I figured out that you can’t be a master at everything. Even when you are the shit and the imperator of amazingness, you have to suck at at least one thing. It means that you have to grab your guts and do what you have to do instead of crying about it like a pussy.