Build A Strong Network Of Customers

How to build a strong network of customers?

Everyone would like to have a powerful business but only few do. How to build a strong network of customers? Where to advertise? How to find new customers?

Keep calling guys, keep calling

My father used to repeat to me that the only way to gain any customers is through active seeking them. Through calling, through sending emails and in general approaching them from every way. Even through window when they close the door. I thought for years that is the most exhausting and nonsense way of talking to people, but after what have I saw over years – I start to believe in that. When someone is starting his business for first time, he thinks that customers will come by themselves. That fact of having a website, Facebook fan page and a phone number is enough. Bullshit. It’s not even bare minimum.

Go out. Approach your customers

Having good website and a fancy fan page is great for teens. It should impress them but no one is going to order your services if you don’t advertise actively or have strong enough net of friends. Truth is that no one cares about your business. You have to move your ass and make them know you. First thing is getting into the internet by website, fan page, google maps and other fancy tools. Second is choosing your own way of reaching your potential customers. Depending on your field and sort of business, usually direct reach is perfect way to find customers.

Easiest way to find your customers is to open Google Maps, put your iPhone in hand and start calling. I think that there is no better tool to find potential customers in B2B market than to use Google Maps.

Spin some cash on advertising and build a strong network

Few articles ago I wrote about the importance of advertising in the internet. It was basic idea of advertising and spinning cash on marketing in 600 words. Now I can tell you much more about spinning cash on advertising. First of all, most accessible way of advertising right now is Facebook. It’s social, it’s relatively cheap and it has damn accurate system of reaching customers. There is no other system (alongside with Google AdWords) which has ability to choose a group of people who you want to show ads to. You can use TV and leaflets distributed on the streets, but you won’t build such strong network of customers as with Facebook and Google.

Just remember that every penny you spend will come back to you if you do it good. Don’t fear. Push forward.

Love your customers. Forever

People who bought you products one time are perfect group to do this again. Cost of getting a new customer is seven (seven!) times higher than processing current customers order. It should give you a hint why you should love your old customers. Call them, email them. Show them that you remember about those people and give them an offer which they cannot reject. Give them a discount. Make a sale for them. Do something to bring them back.

Good luck and I wish you best!