Know your value and stay confident of yourself

Know your value. Being tough is not enough

You are the shit, you are the winner. When you don’t believe in yourself, then no one will. And even your strong will won’t force them to believe in you. Know your value.

Having balls allows to do so many things

Having you own pair of balls allows you to do so many things that you cannot imagine. It allows you to keep your current position in the society, it allows you to have your own point of view. And mostly it allows you to live a life which you deserve. But you have to have them first. Is it possible to find them lying on the street or you have to do some work to have them? How to get them?

First, understand the idea of self-value. See the difference between being a stubborn too self-confident guy and being a guy with value. Learn to see what you cannot copy or steal. Your value.

Being tough is not enough. Know your value

If you are living in the jungle and all you need is food, then you certainly shouldn’t give a fuck about your value. Otherwise, it would be nice to know the difference between thinking too much of yourself and knowing your pros. Your mind is probably one.

Over time I see that a tough guy stance is not enough to maintain your territory. Now you have to know how to really don’t give a fuck about other people’s insults. Because way too many people are going to mix you with crap every day. Of course, if you are pursuing anything.

The metropolis jungle requires you to be more than tough

While you can skip care about your inner value, in bigger cities you either know your value or you have a problem. Because the more crowded the place, the less territory available. People usually don’t like competition, and when they have to compete – they use any methods available. While majority cannot do more than sending few insults in your directions, effects of such crap can be astonishingly harmful. Because not of the quality of those insults but quantity.

Only people who know they value can steadily push forward in their life. No one is going to kick them off the track, nothing is going to make them lose the focus. While majority will start to wonder do they really mean something.

You are the shit. Period

Either you believe in this or you are done. You cannot repeat yourself every day that tomorrow you are going to be better version of yourself. You cannot wait until May 29 2025 to be awesome, keep in mind that world could end someday. Maybe it will be in 2024. What then?

Today’s advice from the uncle:

Don’t give a fuck about people who are trying to insult you. You were born alone and you did it, so you can manage to do bigger things. Keep your inner value stable as Hoover Dam, and have psychological distance like from a space station.

Otherwise they all will eat you and your inner energy.