Project which is Almost Finished

Almost completed projects and other hobbies

When you do something, please do it good. Not almost. Otherwise, we – the society will have to suffer your mistakes. Especially when you design a service or product.

It almost went all good

I love those financial brokers who promise to take your credit card, protect you from errors and guarantee your transaction. Usually I end up with account charged two times more than it should. Today PayPal charged me much more for paying for Facebook Ads. Why? Nobody knows!

I see that some systems, websites and companies have tendency to be finished in half. Why? I think guys who wrote it got bored in the middle of making them.

When you do something, please do it good guys

In perfect world I would imagine everything being fully completed and finished. In this world I cannot imagine such thing. At least one thing has to fail. Doesn’t believe me? Try to build a website. It’s do or no. There is no almost done.

Guys at my university try to tell me to care about the quality on every step. They speak a lot about it but still few people care about it. But what I see is that the less crap in your actions you make, the easier life for others it means.

It’s better to finish one thing, than to have ten made in half

Until you are manufacturing half products for sale to other companies, I don’t see the point in starting any activity and finishing in only in half. Or almost finishing it. Like you go to the gym and show up only two times a week. It doesn’t make any sense. Same at work, you promise everyone your success, tell the story about your great business but you finish at half and stop caring.

I think more people will be proud of you if you finish one thing compared to starting ten things but never finish any.

So, when product is released, I think it should be finished

Back from the philosophy to the real life. I think that something of a size of PayPal should be made good enough to process my transaction without any problems. But no, sorry – it’s not. And now I have to listen to the people from the call center to straighten the situation. Way too often I see on the streets and in the shops, things being sold in state of a thing which should be still in factory. All festivals represent the quality of things made for lowest possible cost brought here from less rich countries.

In life, it doesn’t count how much you wanted and almost achieved

It counts how much you’ve finished. I don’t care if someone wanted to make a great deal but it broke in the middle because of something. I don’t care. For me, more valuable is a guy who finished furnishing his apartment than someone who had great plan and failed. It doesn’t mean that I don’t like big projects. It means that I see the difference between hope and real effects.

Take care, finish your things and don’t make services which take too much time to do basic things. Or are almost finished. Or require to call the call center every time you use them.