work for yourself

I can’t work for others syndrome

I see that my generation starts to suffer from a “I have to work for myself” syndrome. Their need and pursue of illusory freedom is starting to be harmful.

What is the problem with current society

That’s a very very good question. I watch people at my university and wonder what happened to them. I was talking to one guy recently, asked him what his plans for future are and he said that certainly he won’t work for anyone. Then, I asked this guy: what’s your experience at work?


What the fuck? What’s wrong with those people? I wonder how could you judge something before doing it. It’s like Michael Jackson saying he hates singing at age of 10. He would lose his chance to be a superstar? Be serious. At least try it.

Startup me, start the startup for 3 years!

First, they talk a lot about not working for others. They crave people who will listen to this crap, then, when everyone is bored enough, they start their startups. Start for three months, asked what they have accomplished: they say website!

Fuck. It’s so much!

They pretend to open their companies, pretend to work. What they get is beautiful zero on their accounts. I think it’s called startup of a guy with Iwillnotworkforanyone syndrome. Wow.

Guys, where you will get experience from?

If you are so intelligent, so resourceful and so wise, what are you still doing there? I mean between people who are working for others? I was so sure of myself also. And I learned that experience is more important than your teenager values.

One is sitting on his ass, talking much about being free and not caged, while he is sitting on his ass because of lack of perspective. That’s the reality of people with “I can’t work for others” syndrome. I was one and now I thank God I recovered.

I won’t fight with anyone because of his short sight

No, it’s useless to fight with such people about their being right or no. Some people have to learn that you need to hit the wall with your head pretty hard to get the point. Some find their wall, others don’t. If your friend or relative has the syndrome, leave him alone. Let him look for the wall alone. It doesn’t make any sense to fight with their beliefs.

Such people don’t want to serve the society. You are either working for someone and making this per capita income, or you have your business. First is work and second is work. Only the ownership differs. If stubborn mind is too big obstacle to jump over, then open a business. But open a business, not some piece of a crap company with mere income.

If you are so sure, then prove it at work for anyone

If you are so sure of your awesomeness, then show me your Bentley. No Bentley? Then I prefer the guy who is working in a bank with one. Because he did it, and he has a Bentley. What people with syndrome usually have are dreams. Visions. Beliefs. But no Bentleys. Because those who have money don’t have to prove everyone around who they are.

Maybe don’t work for your beliefs but for money. That’s what work is made for.

See you