Journalism professional interviewing woman

What is the point of journalism those days?

What happened to the journalism and blogging? What’s going on that the SEO optimization is more popular than good content? Is the current content created for idiots or what the hell happened?

Truth is heavy

Today, something hit me. Something very hard, very heavy.

It was truth.

I started to wonder what’s the point of journalism right now. Because you see, this site is optimized for search engines (like Google), it scores higher than famous CNN website [according to Neil Patel’s website, 89 points vs 87]. It’s more optimized for speed than majority of the internet. And still, the traffic coming to this site is not satisfying for me. And the answer why is quite brutal.

People don’t want to read intelligent crap anymore

When truth hit me, it had a message for me as well. People don’t want to read wise content anymore, they don’t want to learn anymore. Sarcasm fan page right now has over 40 million fans [fuck!] and the audience is still growing. Majority of my Facebook wall are cuddling dogs and idiot quiz sites. Most recent popup is that my friend pushed like on Durex fan page, and second guy shared story about naked guy running in the streets.


What’s wrong with those people?

You create content you thought will be at least something worth. You struggle with a pain in your ass to write something wise. Try to teach others how to have better lives. Post images to Instagram with fancy quotes. And everything you get, is a fucking thumb emoji in the comments[…]

When you have a blog, you promote it more than write

What also hit me is hard truth about having a blog. What you write doesn’t matter anymore – anyone could become a blogger. It doesn’t care that you have something to say. Internet is not a street where the louder wins. There counts you SEO, SEM, social media knowledge, social shares, sponsored articles, number of backlinks, topical authority and finally maybe dear uncle Google will let you on the first site.

No, it won’t.

Because content about cuddling dogs won with you. They had better keywords.

Fuck again.

Instead of focusing on the content, you have to write an amazing title

From your perspective – of a reader – probably matters the content and how the website looks like. That could be everything you need.

But it’s not.

Hard truth is that you’ve landed here because I shared it on Facebook, you found it in Google – because I optimized it, or you’ve found my blog in one of the hundreds of comments I’ve made on other blogs. Definitely you didn’t get because of knowing the address of it (except my closest ones). I, instead of writing good content for you, have to focus on dumb fucking clicking in those social media, so all algorithms will kindly let me in into the internet. And that’s what blogging means. You can make your website. You can make it look amazing. But no one will ever find it.

What’s the point of journalism and having a blog then?

I don’t get it. I can’t understand why people crave all this bullshit from the headlines instead of something worthy. I don’t get why you have to write what all those analytics tools will find for you. It doesn’t seem logic to me. What I’ve thought of writing is that you are creating value for other people, they read it and spread it. How reality looks like is that video of a fat guy falling on the floor, will get astonishingly popular in contrast to you.

Maybe leave the education to the universities.

Maybe the era of writing things not made for search engines is over. People don’t want to read it anymore.

We want more videos of fat butts on the Instagram. Not journalism.