have courage in your life to climb the obstacles

How I have developed great courage in one year

Courage is something every man should possess. But how to develop it? Where to find it? I had a good reason to find it quick.

Why I had to become more confident of myself

Before I went to high school I managed to lose over 30kg (60 pounds) in three months. It turned me from a fatty into a good-looking guy. Especially because I also grew over 1,9 m (>6 feet). But I had a problem when I went into high school, because what I have thought of myself, and how I looked differed quite much. Main matter to solve was my courage. I was tough as hell when someone upset me, but I lacked this everyday courage. What’s more important, I was sure as hell of my value, but in wrong matter. It was more of arrogance than real confidence. I had to change that.

So, I did.

How to develop real courage in yourself

First of all, you need balls to get through this life. Instead of hoping and wishing, I think you need to grab things in your hands and do what you have to do. I had to learn quick how not to fear challenges I will approach. Over time I learned that the higher you get, the surer of yourself you need to be.

Learn that things which won’t kill you are often harmless, and that majority of your fears is bullshit. Learn that real man are not pussies who wish they situation will get better. It won’t. When you have a problem, then face it and solve as quick as possible.

There is a saying about fear and courage

There is a saying about fear and courage, that real courage is when you are afraid as hell but only you know about it. It doesn’t mean being invincible to life events, it doesn’t mean being too confident on the streets when they rob you. It’s rather acting sure of your capabilities when controlling the fear. Not denying. Controlling.

Experience is even more important than knowledge

Knowledge with I share with you is only an information. Reading it could be a door for you to be a better guy (or woman), as well as it can change absolutely nothing if you read it and do nothing about it. I believe that forcing yourself to be more confident, learning body language and reading twenty self-help books is effective only when you do things described there. If you believe in your greatness without proving it – you were never great.

You can’t buy courage on eBay, and you cannot shape it in yourself only by deciding to do so. It takes time. It takes few fails to make. But the effect of your work can be absolutely amazing.

Do not compare to others. Never

Finally, never ever compare to others. I wrote about it here, here and here. Only because of looking at other people through comparison you can develop big problems in yourself. When I stopped looking at others this manner – my life turned out to be beautiful once again. Also, one of the things that can successfully limit your abilities and undermine your courage and self-confidence is in fact comparison. I wrote about it here.