respect what's that

Respect yourself, only then others will respect you

Who will respect you if you don’t respect yourself? Do lying to yourself will bring you harm or good? Find out how to be respected by others with techniques other than pumping your biceps.

Where to look for your respect

What I see quite often are people trying to get some respect from others, while they don’t respect themselves. I mean that people are trying to force others to feel their authority while they don’t even mind their business. I see this very often at work, when people are trying to impress either me or my colleagues.

Problem with current society is that everyone is running somewhere. Everyone pursuits something, and those who don’t escaped to the mountains long time ago. In big cities the pursuit is so big, that we’ve forgot about other people, that they have emotions and that they even exist. In current times we only see a digit and treat people on the street as another one random beings. And don’t you even try to deny that.

Respect means living in peace with your standards or values

If you feel that you have to be a Google analyst, then go there. If you feel that you have to be an artist beating number of Nirvana’s YouTube views – do it. And when you feel that you want to live in the jungle – move. Just don’t live in opposite to what you believe in. Don’t do it to us, and don’t pretend that you are having fun being a mechanic while you hate cars.

I like people who know their value. I like people who won’t agree on shitty terms in life and business. Frankly, I think that only people strong enough to say fuck you to all exploiters and liars are worth something, because they have balls to have respect to themselves and get rid of such crap from their life.

You can buy respect or work it out

There are two ways to be respected in the society. One is to go to the Rolls Royce dealer with a suit of cash and buy a new Phantom. This will buy you respect among over 90% of society, but the price is very big. Ah, one thing. Without your RR you lose value again.

Second way is to find inner peace, find out where lies your inner value, pick it up from ground and respect it. Because no one will respect you if you don’t even respect yourself. I believe that everyone has his own mission in this world, that everyone has something to be done here. It means that we all have our value, we all should respect ourselves. And I even believe in your mission!

Never ever lie to yourself

You see, you can fool me. You can fool your girlfriend/boyfriend. Even you can fool your family. But, there is one guy you cannot fool: yourself. The cruellest way to kill your inner respect to yourself is to lie to yourself. It doesn’t matter in shape of what, from lying when looking to the mirror, to convincing yourself you don’t love someone. It will only bring you harm.

Because I’m respecting myself even while I open the fridge – I don’t need to prove others my value. I like doing it but I can live without it.