Make Decisions Fast

Major reason why it’s important to make decisions fast

Making decisions is not an easy art, especially when you have to choose for first time. People don’t like undecided people, so real below how to be liked by others.

No matter how you look at it, you have limited lifetime

No matter which angle you choose to look at your life, you will always see a limited perspective. Most basic thing about making decisions fast is that you are saving your own time and resources for more enjoyable things. It all starts with your private life and decisions you make. From simple choice of bananas in supermarket, to multimillion business deals.

Right now, I have to buy a company, and I have to be fast

Right now, I’m hunting for a company to buy myself a company, and to make it better. Idea is to buy something poorly performing and turn it into something beautiful. I know that there is a lot of fun in building your own business from scratch, the whole story is amazingly interesting to tell people around but – I have enough of it. I just want a business which will give me money. I don’t care about the outer image in this matter. And even if I will one day have to manufacture condoms for a living – I will do it. Because I like cash.

Back to the topic of making decisions fast, few years ago I read a book by Trump. Probably it was his Art of Deal. He wrote there that good deals won’t wait for you for an unlimited time. Something appears and then it rapidly disappears. When you smell a good deal – you run to it. Not wonder about it, not walk. You run fast as hell to get the deal first. To get there before your competition.

It doesn’t work this way that world will wait for you. Decisions

Parents used to tell me that I’m awesome averagely five times a day. I still believe in it but being awesome doesn’t guarantee that the world will wait for you. I had to learn this crappy rule with a big pain, but I did the homework. Now I run fast as hell when I smell a deal. You see, the case with decisions looks this way, that we don’t like lazy people. I can’t stand a guy wondering about an easy thing for fifteen minutes because he cannot decide what he wants in life. The higher you get, the faster you have to be. And it doesn’t come because of drinking more coffee. It comes by building a good system of values.

Decide what you want in overall, so you will decide faster

Fast decisions come either from stupidity, experience or good system of life values. While first option is default for certain people, second one requires some time, the third one is quite to achieve. I mean that knowledge of your inner self can certainly help you in making decisions faster. You see, imagine that you always wanted a red fast car. You stand between two new Mustangs (red and blue) but you can choose only one. It’s obvious that you will choose red one.

Same thing happens with every decisions you make. If you cannot decide between going to work or opening your own lemonade stand – ask yourself what you really want. Then decide. Don’t wonder about it like a child.