motorbike freedom

You wanted freedom? Now pull the wagon

You wanted financial freedom? Absolute independence and decisiveness? Now face the consequences of talking too much from a comfortable place and either work or vanish. There are no emergency wheels when you are on your own.

I had enough of working for other people. Freedom

Really, I had enough. What limits you while working for other people is your organizational lack of decisiveness. They will tell you they want to shape the company with you and other blah blah blah. What happens is that you are a regular mule. And never fool yourself, that you are not. From branch to branch, only the size of a similarity to mule differs.

Personally, I tried working for other people many times. Like ten. I had ten jobs in three or maybe four years. What I have learned? A lot. Honestly, I gained so much experience in such young age that I couldn’t imagine. How all those jobs worked out? Merely. Not because boss sucked but because something deep inside me told me to change a little bit. I had always a need to create something what will leave a trace after me. Something I will be able to show to my grandchildren.

Leave brave decisions to guys with balls

I think it’s way too easy to make brave decisions from a safe place where someone is paying you, and everything you have to do is to keep quiet. It’s easy to riot when you have a stable position and to feel invincible. However, it’s not so easy to later handle your decisions about opening your own company and in the midway questioning the point of it. It’s called lack of self-respect and sense of responsibility. Because when you quit someone wagon, you have to pull your own. Being an absolutely free man has hundreds of advantages. And the only one disadvantage: need to wake up in the morning and to kick your own ass. Only you can kick it. No one else

Dreams are beautiful as long as you stay in bed

You wanted a Bentley? Now kick you own ass. No one is going to kick your ass like in an office job. No one will tell you what to do. You need to unleash your own inner potential and crush the competition. What I love about the whole idea is either you are great or you get out. This is not an Olympic contest. In terms of business and money either you are first or you lose. You are done.

And I’m even more enthusiastic about my new business idea. If it works out, you will see my photo in a Bentley here. I promise.

Maybe kicking your own ass is a good cardio workout

Cardio is very important (in case you don’t know). All guys in the gym know that cardio is a pain in the ass, but the effects compensate it. I’m excited as hell about my new idea to make cash and I believe it will work out. Maybe in other words: it has to! Finally, freedom.

Keep the positive attitude.