Thinking Overthinking

Kick your overthinking out of the building

Thinking too much can be harmful to you and people around. They should put in on every brain before giving it to people. Like on pack of cigarettes. Today I’ve found out that there is no problem with thinking, but there is a problem with overthinking. And it’s even different from mind which is thinking too much.

Mind which doesn’t shut up is a miracle

Recently, I wrote about my mind which doesn’t want to shut up and I would give a lot so it would do so. Now I see that mind which doesn’t shut up is actually a positive thing in life. Problematic is overthinking and predicting too much in your life.

Few months ago, I had on my university a test which was supposed to describe your type of personality. I won a description that I’m awesome and other things, and more importantly – I have a great ability to predict consequences of actions in the future. I thought: it’s amazing! Now I wonder what I had in mind then. Because mind which doesn’t shut up and constantly generates ideas is a miracle. However, mind which is analyzing everything while you are doing nothing is a problem. Recipe is to kick your overthinking out of the building.

Let’s stay cool when I do nothing

I think that when you do absolutely nothing, you shouldn’t think too much about things that happened, will happen or should happen. Personally, I have a tendency to think too much when I don’t need to. Now I wonder how to get rid of it.

But back to track and to the topic. Overthinking is something what’s harmful as much in private life as in work. Wondering about the point of the product presentation will leave you without any knowledge and get kicked out of job. Thinking too much before meeting with beautiful girl will leave you with a carefully prepared scenario of the date which won’t work out.

Don’t analyze others too much

Never ever analyze other people too much. Don’t compare yourself to other people or it will get you sad and depressed. I made a promise to myself that I will stop comparing to others and I see the effects of it. I don’t want to pretend to be someone else while I have a good name. And I don’t want to be another one digit in the universe, another one copy. It will be harder to build my own brand, but I think I can manage to do it.

Life kicked me in my back during last few days and I have a lesson, that either you are yourself, loyal to your values or you lose value. And even if the big, unpredicted changes, will be an effect of being loyal to myself – I take whole responsibility for it. At least I will feel it was mine. I won’t overthink everything and wonder if I’m going in the right direction or no. I believe that our own minds and hearts can take us further than plain, stubborn logic.