How to quit things cold turkey? Quick recipe

I’ve quit smoking in five minutes. I lost my belly in three months. Certainly, I can tell you something about quitting things cold turkey. Read below.

It doesn’t matter what you know, it matters how strong you are

When I was in the primary school, I was really afraid of vaccines. Even the idea of a needle paralyzed me, but I thought that remedy will come over time. I thought that at age of 18 (that’s the age when you take last vaccine in Europe) I will be so courageous that I will handle it. Years passed, fears remained. At age of 18 they showed me the needle and I survived it. Why? Not because I was wiser. Not because I was older. It was because I didn’t care about it. I was stronger.

Same scheme applies to everything you want to achieve by quitting cold turkey. From smoking, through losing weight, to ending toxic relationship. You won’t get wiser. You won’t get braver. The time to do things is now.

The power is in trying? Or it’s in the determination?

I wrote about determination many times here, here and here. Some people believe that the power to quit something will come naturally.

Others don’t dream anymore.

Because real power of achievement and win is not in wishes. Wishes are good for Christmas when you want a new Lego set. They don’t work anymore after age of nine. I personally believe, that thinking too much and wondering too much how to maintain current state of things will only ruin the effect. Example – smoker who is looking for a method to kill the crave during quitting. The recipe is in shutting the mind up and doing what you had to do. Because another one diet coke won’t lose the weight for you. You have to move your ass to the gym.

You either have a goal or you have a wish to quit

I don’t like wishes at any other days as Christmas. I’ve told you when you can do it, and when you can’t. Of course, you can wish to have a Bentley in five years, visualize it under your block every day – but it won’t come by itself. When I had to lose 30 kilograms of my awesome fat, I knew I have a goal. I knew that what I see in the mirror is a drama instead of me, and more importantly – I have to change it. My body wanted from me to eat another chocolate, drink another cola or order few cheeseburgers – but I knew I have a goal. It didn’t matter for me if it was good or no to decline my fast food needs. I knew that eating this crap will break my plan.

Because either you are strong in your life or no one will

Quitting things cold turkey is also a test for you if you have guts or no. I believe that real men have enough of balls to leave something harmful for their lives, and they can handle the temporary pain. I’ve quit smoking immediately, lost weight in incredibly short time and I left toxic relationship long time ago. What would you want me to do to prove more?

Just remember that it’s only one quick decision to change something in your life.