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Maybe move to the countryside?

After leaving my metropolis of few million people, I see that not everyone has to be stressed, in hurry and running. I see that countryside has many advantages but you have to have money to live there. I think about a big move from city to the countryside.

Left his city for few days. Felt amazing

I’ve left my city for few days to chill out and spend time with my friends. I’ve found out that leaving your city can show you absolutely new world. World of slower life and better quality.

Because problem with big cities is that people there are in so big hurry, that they forget about other people. Set aside that in cities you can make bigger money and get a bigger score and focus on relationships with your people. The price you pay in a big city for the success opportunities is probably bigger than the profit. Because you forget about the things which are really important in life: your own happiness.

How long you can run? Are you an ultra-marathon competitor?

Ask yourself: how long you can run after your “dreams” of a Bentley and big apartment? How much you can sacrifice to get the money you want so bad? I personally think that there is a limit of things you can sacrifice, of people you can leave to be happy. I see that the greedier you are, the smaller dose of happiness you will get. Because in a city where everyone is pursuing money, everyone is so anonymous – no one cares about the other people. After being raised in a city of few million people and living there for over 21 years – I see that the pursuit is too big. Way too many people are getting aggressive towards others only because they know others don’t know them. In a city where everyone knows no one – people start to think that they are invincible. And that’s what’s ruins them. That’s what makes them greedy.

Even the most intelligent ones have tough life

I wouldn’t like to say that everyone in bigger cities is greedy and sad, but what I saw in New York, Warsaw and Berlin – were people who didn’t care about others accomplishments. In the long run they didn’t care about others skills and advantages but used the first impression as a deciding factor. I get that in a city of few million people you cannot know everyone, but the scale of the anonymity is getting way too big. It’s sad that you are getting judged basing on your outfit and tone of voice. Maybe there is no other way to do it. Maybe you have to behave such way.

Far away, you can at least relax

Certainly, you can more easily relax far away from the city, than in the center of it. That’s why I will move to the countryside in my 60’s. Or to Los Angeles where downtown is only a small part of the city and everything is de-concentrated. It’s a amazing model of a city, where majority is relaxed. And they have ocean.