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What’s more important: to get up early or to do a lot?

Yesterday I was talking with my friend who laughed at my waking up at 11 o’clock. I told her it’s more important to do what you have to do, instead of focusing on the hour.

In the final outcome, it matters what you have done

After one week after signing a multimillion agreement, you won’t remember that you’ve done it by getting up at 6 am. You will certainly remember that you’ve did it. Few people from the success industry repeat that the key to success is getting up early. It doesn’t really matter when you wake up. I did a experiment few years ago and I woke up at 5 am. I thought that it will give me immediate success and will to work. What I got, was a world of sleeping people, who started to wake up two hours later. You could say that you can do everything what doesn’t require other people to do it, but what’s the point of waking up when everyone is sleeping?

I want to win every day. That’s why I get up when I want

Body is made for you. Not the other way. I won’t force myself to wake up at certain hour only to prove someone I can do it. I get the point of getting up fresh and motivated to act but same effect you can achieve by going to the gym. I prove it every day.

That’s also why I’m not working from 9 to 5. I can’t stand such monotony of life and I have to do what excites me. If I have a idea of going to the other way of the city at 3 am – I have to go. And I don’t care about waking up next day at 2 pm. It really doesn’t matter for me.

Do as much as you can. That’s the point

With my focus on achievements and doing every day something I haven’t done before – I want to squeeze the next day. Either in shape of traveling, doing money or eating for half of the day – I want to do it good.

I target to do as much as I can is as little time as possible. It really doesn’t matter when. It matters that I do.

Do it way which makes you happy.

My own conclusion is simple. You should do it way which makes you happy and satisfied. Everyone has his or her own way, which you shouldn’t question or interrupt. I personally prefer to do things effectively instead of waking up in the morning. However, it doesn’t mean that I can’t get up at 3 am to work. It depends what I have to achieve today.