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Tutorial how to stand up well

Today I’ve slept for 5 hours and I feel quite well. Scientists say you should sleep 8, and that’s a big difference. How I did it? How I stand up so well?

Don’t eat right before going to sleep

Bacon is amazing. But not in the evening. I love to eat, I felt in love with my fridge from the first day but sometimes I have to limit myself in terms of eating too much. And too late. Eating one thousand calories right before going to sleep will certainly ruin your sleep but I still do it. Why?

When you want to stand up in the morning wondering what the hell are you doing, then there is no better way to eat before going to bed. All food stays in your stomach instead of going further and your body instead of resting, is using energy to process it.

Make use of 1,5-hour cycles

Long time ago I read an article about our body, that sleep has its own 1,5-hour cycles. That you will feel much better after sleeping for 6 hours than 6:45. You can certainly find it in google, and I see it really works. I feel a lot better after 7.5 or 9 hours of sleeping than 8 or 8,5. Even if it’s longer than those 7. It’s important to go to sleep at appropriate hour instead of blindly sleeping ten hours. It will only leave you tired as hell.

A little bit of knowledge about you own body will help.

Do it naturally. And regularly

One of the things that make me most tired is going to sleep in different times of day. I mean that you ought to go to sleep every day at similar hour. If you want to get up at five in the morning, then go to sleep earlier two days before. You won’t fall asleep immediately when you go earlier to bed. At least me.

Sleeping for 15 hours doesn’t work as a remedy for skipping few hours night before.

Half of the success is sleeping; second half is what you do after

Personally, I stand up and I drink a glass of water. Why? Because I read about it few years ago and it works well. There is a big difference between doing it and not. Probably it wipes out this taste of an old shoe from your mouth and that’s the key.


Bacon is amazing. Eggs are amazing. But eating too much right after waking up will ruin your day. I wrote about it before – here. However, it’s very important to eat something in 60 minutes after waking up – that’s the thing I know from the gym. Your body needs energy in the morning. Be kind to it. Give it a little.


One won’t like it, second one will love it. But certainly – I have to drink it in the morning. Without coffee I stand up but I still don’t feel like a human being. Only after drinking it I feel well.


Eat, have a coffee and get a shower. Another study made by blogger whose name I also don’t remember, showed that three things can change your state of mind: workout, water (shower or pool) and suitcase of cash. While suitcases usually come later than in the morning, you can certainly jump into pool (first better but one) or take a shower.

That’s it. It doesn’t need a summary.

Stand up tomorrow like a winner.