stay happy stay alive

Stay positive, stay alive. Power of being happy

Remember my yesterday’s short article? I’ve slept for three hours and I’m still alive. Still positive, still happy. How do I do it?

To be angry, you have to waste your energy. Don’t be angry.

Being aggressive is good for war, but not as a way of life. I understand that everyone has their own problems but fighting with the world around will ruin your life. If you are unhappy about your work, quit it. You don’t like your belly, lose it. Easy. There is absolutely no point in shouting at other people. Or maybe there is?

After few days of trading outdoors I see that few percent of people couldn’t behave other way, and that it’s a way of life. That maybe they are too weak to show their inner self and have to mask it with aggression.

Don’t worry, be happy.

Enough of talking about other people. My friend told me to smile, because we are losing customers. Man, I’ve slept for only three hours and you want me to stay alive? Please, be serious. But ok, I had nothing to lose.

Tim, please smile.

And then Tim smiled. Without any purpose or reason. People started to come.

I stopped to be so tired.

I don’t know why it works this way but smiling actually gave me a psychological distance between me, my lack of sleep and problems. I started to be somehow distant matter from me. Customers come? Good. They don’t? also perfect. I just ceased to give a damn. It was so easy. Now I can really feel free.

It doesn’t work this way, that things happen and then you are happy. You are happy first.

You could think that you need thirty million to be happy. Wrong. I know many rich people who suffer through their lives because of lack of love, friends or life goal. They would often exchange part of their wallet for things they cannot buy. They feel numb not because of lack of money but because of lack of happiness. People who focus only on their money and wallet will never find happiness in simple things. If you wake up every day with a needy attitude instead of being grateful for your life, you should go back to sleep. There is no point in waking up without a sense. This is why I think you should get happy and positive right now, to be happy later. Even people will be more eager to pay for your services when you are happy.

It’s a miracle that you have what you have. Appreciate it.

Not everyone can connect to the internet and check Facebook. Not everyone will sleep on a bed today. Children are starving in Africa, and homeless people freeze during winters. Opportunity which you have, even the ability to read my blog – it’s a comfort you have from the society. So instead of being another rude and frustrated moron, get positive. Turn positive as long as it’s not too late.

Cheers from the happier side.