What’s more important: to have time or to have money?

Another night I’ve slept bad, but at least I have some cash. Do I? Or maybe I’m wasting my own time and sleep to pursue things I don’t need?

When you are young you have time and health, but you don’t have money.

Few years ago I’ve found a meme that you have time and health when you are young. In your 30’s you have health and money, but no time. Old, you will have money and time, but no health.

Today I’m going to sleep three hours. And I’m not very happy about it. But certainly I’m happy, that tomorrow I’m going to wake up in the middle of the night to work for myself. Not to slave for someone from 8 to 4, but to be self-sufficient. I don’t know if you have the same need as me to be free. I don’t know what your plan for future is. But I know I can’t stand running for other people for few years, and end up with a goodbye without nothing left. Without anything what was created by me.

Bye guys, time to sleep.