Dont Compare Too Much

Compare products in a supermarket. Not people

Why looking to much at other people can make you lose yourself? Do you need to compare yourself to others? Do too much comparing is harmful?

I wonder at which point of life I’ve forgot who I’m really are. Today guy at my gym who I’ve though is much higher than me told me that we are the same height. What the fuck. Did I forget about myself somewhere along the way? Is it possible to lose your inner self because of looking at other people?

Here on Tim Sabat I like to talk about complicated things in an easy way. I like to wonder where my happiness is when I lose it for a while, I like to express my views on the world. It gives me relax, it gives me the ability to cool down a little. This guy today quite shocked me. Even if he didn’t say anything revolutionary.

Psychologist discovered one important thing long ago.

Those guys – probably in America – discovered that our life doesn’t change only because of dramatic events or big achievements. They discovered that our minds react to simple words like they would be holy. That simple events often change our perception and reshape our way of looking at the world around. (Look in Google for source of this information.) This guy today shocked me. He showed me that even that I was living here, looking in the mirror every day, I forgot about important thing. That I’m bigger than the majority of the society.

Then came a thought: “can you forget about who you are?”. Because look: after looking at everyone around, after comparing so much to others – how can you say that you are yourself? When you are working for a whole day in a corporation, you look at all those people around, have to take care of their problems, and half of them treats you like another rat, who you are?

Maybe too much comparing is harmful.

Mommy always said me not to compare with others. Not because I would feel bad. Maybe because it can make you forget who you are.

Living in a big city limits your privacy. In subway everyone is looking at your screen. In a traffic jam you have at least five guys around. Living in an apartment building forces you to look at your neighbor. When I was in New York, one thing hit me very hard – it was the greed in eyes of people. Because they have so many people around, majority is trying to be better than them. Looking at people too much makes you compare yourself to them. Majority wants to be better.

Do me a favor, don’t be a another clone.

That’s what I sometimes fear, that because of looking at others I can lose my own point of view and become another clone of I don’t know what. Maybe I have to stop to compare to people and other people. Maybe it’s good for health. When you forget who you are because of looking at others, please do me a favor and don’t be another clone. That’s it. Thanks.