Pulling right Strings

Partisan methods of talking with others – pulling right strings

It doesn’t work this way that you are always bigger and more wealthy than other people, but you somehow have to handle business with them. There come the partisan methods of dealing with other people. Like pulling right strings. And I don’t mean any force by this.

When it’s impossible to confront directly, then has to be a another way.

And there is, but it requires some intelligence. Life of a real estate broker doesn’t look in Europe the same, as in the United States. In USA you have to hire a broker to sell or buy a house, while in Europe you can use his services, but you don’t have to. It makes life of a real estate broker quite hard, because:

  • you have to convince people that they need your product,
  • usually they don’t want to pay for that,
  • you still need food.

In effect of those three, you have to convince them to pay for your services. It often leads to situation when you are on a losing position, and you have to convince the other side to change their attitude. Example from my home country – Poland – majority of people in the biggest city – Warsaw don’t want to buy the real estate with a estate agent. They prefer to look for the property in the internet, call the owner and meet him. But there still exists big number of those agents. How do they manage to survive?

Pulling right strings makes the hand puppet move. Doesn’t it?

Look for the metaphor of it in my text. Being on the losing position never means that you are going to lose. Never, and all sales people will prove you that. Key to the success lies in the skilful usage of every f*cking argument you have, to sink the bigger ship. Imagine it this way: two ships, one is a supercarrier, second one is a fishing boat with a small cannon (in this one you are sitting). Direct confrontation will sink you in two, maybe three seconds. Skilful usage of this small cannon can sink the big thing. Just shoot when the bigger one doesn’t see. The same with arguments. Mold the guy from the beginning with small arguments, so it will go under his radar. Subconsciousness will absorb every argument you use.

Ok, what does it have to do with partisan methods?

Look, partisans shoot only small amount of small bullets, and they confront big armies. Direct confrontation would wipe them out in two minutes, while they can fight for ages by hiding around. But […], it’s only a metaphor. I have nothing to do with fighting with others.

Firing up everything you have in your head to convince they stronger guy – will bounce away from him. You have to do it indirectly to make him hear your arguments. It requires you to start pulling right strings.

Thing number three: never ever reveal what you think.

Of course, use direct words. Say what you think. But never talk too much – it reveals what you really think. And this makes other people know too much. It makes them able to use better tactics to run you down and win with you.

But all of those are for negotiations and business. In your private life – better be a human.