Don’t have power? You better find it quick.

Where do all those people find their energy? How many quotes you have to put above your bed to be really motivated? Do life power comes by itself?

Because it doesn’t work this way that it’ll come to you by itself.

Hola Tim, but what do you mean? I mean, what do you want to say today?

I want to tell you that on my own example I’ve learned, that waiting for the power to come to you, instead of doing everything you’ve planned (I wrote about it here (!)) is only a waste of time. That I catch myself on wondering about the sense of life, instead of focusing on what I really have to do today. That at least once a week I’m looking for the energy to do my tasks, instead of doing them, because my laziness makes me think more than do. And I’m really, really proud of myself that I manage to break this cycle and push forward. Again.

You wake up in the morning. What do you feel?

I feel powerful and fresh, or I go to sleep again.

Recipe: enough of sleep, don’t eat before going to bed.

Every day I want to be the best in a radius of 5 meters. No. Five kilometers. Only then I can function properly. But it wasn’t always this way. One year ago, when I didn’t have a source of income, I woke up stressed and depressed. Not because of the amount of things to do, but because of the overwhelming emptiness. Even if I was meant to function alone and handle every problem, I felt bad. Now I know why. Not because I’ve chose it. Because I’ve been waiting for the power to come to me by itself.

What will happen, when you set everything aside? Unlimited power.

Imagine that you don’t have any problems. Imagine that you have everything you need to solve any problem, ok? That’s the status quo. That is what you really have right now. People around me do not want to understand that problems they face, are nothing and bullshit. My friend cannot manage to pick up a girl and doubts his skills, while he has more than 87% of the male population. My colleagues complain they cannot put a bulb, because they don’t know how to do it. People in the society doubt their skills and ability to achieve anything everyday. But they have everything they need. I mean, that it’s really easier to complain and find a issue not to do something, than to get up your ass and do what you have to do.

Don’t read too much about self-development, or you will develop a big ego.

Problem with reading too many of those books makes you invincible to any further education. Some people (like me) get their minds fixed on their greatness, and any further progress is blocked (because they feel great already!). We – people – or only me – but I doubt it – seek sources of power and motivation to do things everyday. That’s the issue, because any power to achieve anything – is inside you.

Look, fuel of all greatest of this world is not a motivational quote above their beds. I doubt they wake up everyday and wonder do they have enough power today to live or no. I think they wake up, wonder a while about the sense of their life, and go. They just go. Like you leave your car. You just go.

So simple. But so complicated.

Today: just go. Try it, maybe it will be a new habit. Maybe it will change your life.